Niti Taylor became a household name with the MTV show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan. The actress has a huge fan following both within India and on the outskirts. While there is an acceptable degree of craziness, some fans take the madness to a whole new level. Here was a fan of the youth icon who took her love for Niti and her character on the show, Nandini to a degree beyond measure.

Image Credit: Ara Alexander

During a chat with the young starlet, Niti revealed one of the craziest fan moments she had witnessed and could never forget. “One of my fans tattooed my name on the wrist. The irony was that the person was not even a male fan. It was a girl who got my name tattooed on her hand. It’s crazy but it’s something I’ll never forget in my entire life. So she flew down to Mumbai after messaging me on my social networking sites to show me the tattoo. I got a little freaked out initially because it was a little too intense for me, especially because it was a girl. I remember the first question on my mind and I asked her, ‘It’s okay for now, but what are you going to do about the tattoo when you get married?’ And she said that she will manage. I have never seen craziness like that before. The thing is my name is quite visible on her wrist, it’s not a small tattoo.”


Do you personally plan to get any tattoos on your body? “Well I did at one point of time. However, that craze no longer exists for me now. I think I’m still a little scared about getting one. Maybe in a couple of years I will get an interesting tattoo, of course with my mom’s permission.”

While the youth show has come to an end, the same cannot be said about Niti’s fan following.

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