A man who can hold his own with utmost strength. A man of adventure, mystique and thrill. A man who lives for the can i take cialis everyday adrenaline. You’d be lucky if he breaks his mega-tough, macho exterior for you. He is the one you’d blindly count on. And rest assured, you’d never be disappointed. A free-spirited mysterious guy who will adore you the way he adores his bike, if not more! Yes ladies, he is a biker. A rider for life. Thus, a companion for life. I give you not one but a plethora of reasons to go out and date one. Take note, please!

He will take you on journeys you had only imagined in your wildest of dreams. And there’s no way you’d regret taking them.


He has ridden across the length and breadth of the country. He’ll always have a story to share. There’s no way you’d be running out on topics for a good conversation.

On his toughest of days, he’ll jump off and ride across the city, even wander in the lost. But, you’d know he will always find his way back home, a way to you, much more sorted than before.

Much like how he can fix his bike in a jiffy, chances are that he’ll fix all your problems within the blink of an eye as well. Why wouldn’t you date someone like that?

Bikers have a way of finding alternate routes even in the midst of a crazy traffic or terrible landslide. Someone like that will always have plenty of tricks up his sleeve to resolve problems.

A mere mention of riding past mountains and highways excite him. He knows how erratic life can be and admires nature above all. He’ll respect you and be with you for who you really are. No judgements passed!

Chances are that he’d flaunt a couple or more biker tattoos, here and there. A man who has been inked accepts his past, is well aware of his present and has a milestone crossed for his future. He’s sorted for himself and for you.

He’s the one who sports a helmet every time he ventures out on his bike. He knows his life is not just his own. This knowledge itself makes him responsible, and all the more desirable!


A guy who rides has a knack for details and is somewhat a perfectionist. From his bike to his life, everything falls into place. And you will find a great spot in his heart to fill if you date one!

He’s also the kind who’d rather chill with his bike contemplating his problems and life, instead of making robust, useless prayers to God that will only result in inaction. He’s a man of action, not simply of words. You’d be glad to have someone like that!

He is as real as reality can get. All you have to do is cross the fence to his side of the world and see magic happen.

As a biker, he would have broken a bone or two, and spent plenty of time healing burns and injuries. Yet, he would always hop back on to his bike to be a part of the next big journey in store for him. He’s a warrior with scars, not a doll with soft cheeks. As ‘manly’ as it can get, trust me!

He’d go lengths just to spend quality time with his brothers. And would happily take a bullet for them. A man who understands friendship this way is a must date, any day!


If he’s one of those who has witnessed the dark side of biking, the tips and life-lessons he’d give you would be enough for you to take on the universe, let alone the world.

He’s the one who will throttle in fun and in pain. He’ll make you laugh, smile at his own mistakes, shed a tear or two, but will add character, vibrance and love all the more. Take it from me, he is the most free-spirited, loving man you will ever find!


Most of all, much like how he treats his bike like a queen, there’s no part that says he wouldn’t treat his girlfriend the same. He’s not your everyday fling material. He’s meant for the long-term, for life. The people he connects with, the way he connects with you, none is ever fake or meant to be wasted. What more can a girl wish for? Go find yourself a biker now, if not sooner.

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