Sanjay Dutt is considered one of the pioneers in Bollywood, when it comes to tattoos. The actor has almost 10 tattoos on his body. and now, after serving his prison sentence, is planning to get some more done. Hands, shoulders, neck, chest – you name it and Sanju baba has a tattoo there.

So let’s have a look at some of them:

dutt 2

On the left side of his left shoulder, there is a picture of Lord Shiva with Om Namah Shivay written in Sanskrit. Dutt is a huge follower of Lord Shiva and this is his way of appreciation the supreme God.

dutt 4



On the right side of his left shoulder, there is dragon breathing fire. In mythology, this design stands as the symbol of luck, something which Dutt has been always dying to have throughout his career.

Right below these two, on his shoulder blade, Dutt has a Tibetan shloka imprinted.

dutt 3

On the right shoulder, Dutt carries a tattoo of two samurai soldiers, one below the other. While one is in black & white, the other is in colour. There is also some symbolic Japanese flowers that fall over these two samurais. This tattoo indicates Sanjay’s hardships in his life, which never quite managed to break him down, and he always emerged victorious.

dutt 1

On the right shoulder blade, there is another symbol of Lord Shiva. However, this time it’s just the Shivlinga which is made quite similar to the Himalayas, which is said to be Lord Shiva’s abode.

On his left forearm, there is a tattoo of a snake and Dilshan written, which is his wife Manyata’s real name.

dutt 6

On the right forearm stands his the tattoo of a lion with the words ‘Simba Rules’.¬†On the left side of his chest he has the tattoo of his mother’s name (Nargis) in Urdu, along with his father’s name (Sunil) in Hindi.

On his neck, he has the tattoo of a Tibetan Om, his birth sign Leo and the numerical number one which is symbolic of the Sun god. It’s also Dutt’s lucky number.

dutt 7

Not just has Jr Dutt managed to help out friends like Ajay Devgn get inked, he even inspired some of his fans into tattoos. One person prominently tattooed Sanjay’s face on his forearm as a mark of his love towards Dutt.

dutt 8

With so many tattoos on himself, it’s not wrong that fans call Sanjay Dutt the king of tattoos in Bollywood.

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