Technological evolution has had crazy impacts on tattooing, as an art form and as a culture. From more precise machinery to post modern evolved imagery, tattooing is a huge subculture on its own now. Newer and newer styles are born everyday in tattooing, with artists reaching unprecedented heights.

One such style of tattooing that has rocked the world in the last few years has been freestyle. One artist who has been the force behind this movement is the one and only Jay Freestyle. His self-taught way of designing a tattoo directly on skin led to the birth of freestyle.

Today, there are many other artists who have interpreted freestyle in their own ways and manners. One such brilliant artist is Chirag Jhala of Inks n Needles, Mumbai. He has found a sweet spot with freestyling, and is bringing along a new form of tattoo imagery that is meant to hold resonance with today’s youth.

In this video, Chirag is working on a freestyle motif for a leg tattoo that resembles beauty, womanhood and pride, packed with the personal touch specific to the client.

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