Sessions in Pleasure & Pain is a series of videos that is aimed at making you familiar with the various styles of tattoos prevalent in today’s age, and the whole experience of getting a tattoo, in general. Each episode explores a new artist and a style of their preference. To see all the videos published so far in this series, subscribe to our YouTube Channel

In this episode, we explore the illustrative brilliance of Utsav Podder from The Flying Lotus Tattoo & Piercing, Mumbai, as he nails this Harley Quinn tattoo.

Illustrative forms can be attached to several styles of tattooing; neo traditional, traditional, comic/cartoon just to name a few. Self taught artist, Utsav has a beautiful sense of figures and anatomy, and that makes him a wonderful illustrator. His forte is his drawing skills, and strong understanding of tattooing fundamentals. His lines are crisp, and his tattoos are tight AF.

What really makes his tattoos special though are his faces. Utsav’s knack for surreal facial features make his subjects come out of the canvas. In this particular tattoo, he designed the original Harley Quinn character from the DC Comic Universe, with Joker’s iconic ‘HA HA HA HA’s all around her. He kept the tattoo simple and tight, which is so crucial because you want the tattoo to be legible from a distance, even after a decade.

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