Tattooing is such an organic process that as an outsider, it is mystical in many ways because the layers of this process unfold only to the artist and the collector. Therefore, we have come up with a series of videos, where you will some of the best tattoo artists of India work on a tattoo that is original art, custom-designed just for that collector.

Here is the first episode of Sessions in Pain & Pleasure: Yogesh Waghmare free-handing a massive leg tattoo

Yogesh Waghmare is among the top most tattoo artists of India, and one with a distinct individual style of tattooing. Yogesh comes from a fine arts background, and wonderfully blends the best of the two worlds of fine arts and tattooing. His pieces are never repeated compositions, yet each piece has his signature feel to them.

This session went on for a total of thirteen hours, as Yogesh kept going with the flow, and improvising all along. Big ups to the client, Nishant Jadhav as well, who sat like a rock for that long a duration. He travelled all the way from San Francisco for the tattoo, and we are sure it was worth the travel.

To see some of Yogesh’s tattoos, click here.

Yogesh always takes his clients through a detailed consultation process, through and during which they collectively come up with the design. As he says here, “I start off with the idea. If people come up with the design, I say, “Don’t come with a design.” Don’t say that I want it like this, this is the flow, the placement… just come with an empty head, because this is my job. I will suggest you the execution. It’s not that I will force you, but this process is between you and me.

They come up with the idea, then I see the skin, texture, colour, then I see the possibility of how much contrast can we achieve on that skin tone, and then we choose the style. And I feel the geometrical lines are the strongest base for tattooing.

As for the consultations, I try to feel what the canvas feels about the subject of the tattoo, and try to convince them to choose an artwork that they can admire for a lifetime. Tattooing is not just body art.”

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