Sometimes it is a matter of pride, sometimes it is a big mistake. For some it is meaningful, while others just like to follow the trend. Some get it done once while others get it done repeatedly. And well almost everybody who has done it says that it hurts the first time you do it.

Wait, what are we talking about?

Tattoos ofcourse! What were you thinking?

What started as a method of assigning members of a community to different occupations centuries ago has now become a fashion statement.
Again, I’m talking about tattoos. The not so latest but extremely popular fashion trend in the market.

Statistics say that 1 in every 4 US adult has a tattoo.
There are many reasons why there’s such a boom in the tattoo industry. One of the most obvious reasons why people nowadays like to go under the needle is to imitate their favorite celebrities.
Singers, sportsmen, dancers, actors, comedians almost everybody nowadays have a unique tattoo somewhere or the other on their body.


Celebrities have a huge fan following and to attract the attention of their fans and to make sure their fans stick along to them, celebrities often find out new ways to maintain a good reputation in front of their fans.
One such way is treating their bodies as an empty canvas and getting a tattoo.

From inspirational quotes in ancient sanskrit to meaningful chinese symbols, tattoo artists have all the cool ideas for their celebrity clients. Celebrities show off their tattoos on social network and get huge amounts of positive and negative feedbacks from their fans. And in the race of being the biggest fan, people end up getting inked in the same design on their respective canvases.

49% of the people believe that the reputation of the tattoo artist is what matters the most while 43% of the people believe that the meaning behind the tattoo matters the most. While the other 8% people feel price is the most important factor.

I fall into the 43% category, I believe that what matters the most while getting a tattoo is the meaning behind it.
Tattoo is something that people should think of like a life long partner because it’s permanent. It takes courage to get a tattoo and hence it should carry a deep meaningful meaning too.

Now again, 29% of the people who have tattoos say that their tattoos make them feel rebellious while 31% of the people believe that their tattoos make them feel sexy.

5% of the people claim that their tattoos make them feel intelligent.
Well I doubt whether the 5% of the people get formulas inked on their canvases or is it really true that their tattoos make them feel “Intelligent”.

How I wish there was a category for people who feel that their tattoos make them feel rebellious as well as SEXY!! I’d definitely fall into the category.
I always find it sexy when people take the road less travelled by and don’t just follow the crowd.

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