If you keep a track on what’s happening with the Indian tattoo scene, you are most probably spending your coming weekend in Pune, at the ever-promising Pune Tattoo Festival 2017. V2.0 of PTF promises to be an absolute blockbuster of a convention. With a huge list of entertainment acts, and unprecedented conclave ideas, PTF is guaranteed to be a toast to the rising Indian tattoo scene. But the better part is that the festival hasn’t been planned for the community only, rather for all of you who are eager to have a glimpse of this community, to take home a part of our culture.

And what better way to do that than by getting tattooed at the convention. And PTF has you sorted AF if you wanna go under the needle. The options in terms of artistry, skill and styles are loaded, and variety is in abundance. Be it traditional, oriental, realistic, minimal, abstract or conceptual, you will be spoilt for choice. This year, the organisers have assembled under one roof some of the tattooing heavyweights of Europe and South East Asia, along with several Desi starboys and our rockstar brothers from Nepal.

If you like your tattoos big, surreal and awesome, you will love Jakub Hendrix’s tattooing. If you dig large-scale oriental tattooing, you will absolutely fall head over heels for the likes of Wirot Chantarakanit, Eek Glass Pani or John Ma. For people who like the minimal beauty of linework, Ruth Barja’s work is simply stimulating. The varied list of brilliance goes on and on.

Tattoo by Jakub Hendrix
Tattoo by Caroline Friedman
Tattoo by Tomasz Tofi Torfinski
Tattoo by Wirot Chintarakanit
Tattoo by Razon Maharjan
Tattoo by Ruth Barja

Yes, the artists of all the above tattoos are going to be attending Pune Tattoo Festival 2017. And much much more, of course. Some of the finest Indian tattooers of modern times are going to be participating as well. In simple words, we can go on and on about the talent that will be surfacing at Pune Tattoo Festival 2017.

The options to choose from seems to be endless. Visitors will be in for a visual treat of their lifetimes, and collectors have a huge opportunity to get some seriously great art on them. As an enthusiast, my weekend is gonna be sorted! If you want proof, check out this video:

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