If and whenever you enter a tattoo studio, asking for a name tattoo, the artist will always question, “Lover or family member?”

The reason why they ask you so is because one of the very core characteristic of a tattoo is that it removes any space for denial. When you get a tattoo, you are not only embracing a school of thought, or a memory for the rest of your life, but you are also deleting any room for self speculation and doubt. When you choose to get your love interest’s name inked on your body forever, you are making a statement for life. But, are you ready to do so?

Recently, we met up with Aditya Rathore, a small business owner, who was in the middle of covering up an old tattoo, and whose story again put forth why you should never get your lover’s name inked on your body. Aditya was engaged till a few years back, until one change uprooted his life.

“It was in 2005 that I had got my fiance’s name tattooed on my body. It used to be an ex’s name; ex fiance’s name actually. We were together for six years, and then abruptly decided to part ways. We broke up in 2011. So, I have lived with it for a decade now. But this year, I finally decided to cover it up.”

Aditya approached The Flying Lotus Tattoo Studio‘s Rupert Sequeira to work on his cover up. Rupert takes up a lot of cover up tattoo jobs. He says that he likes the challenge and responsibility of helping someone start afresh in their life.


Aditya didn’t want to disclose his ex-fiance’s name or his old tattoo to us, since she is now married, and he doesn’t want to jeopardise it by any means. “The idea of the cover up has always been there on the back of my mind. But, it’s like that tattoo was the last bit remaining of the relationship, like the last sock that you treasure. Finally, this year I decided that I had to break all bonds and move on in life. That is when I fixed my mind on covering it up.”

For Aditya, life hasn’t been easy post the end of his long relationship. “Post our break up, I turned into a miserable being. I took to alcohol, lost interest in my work, and even had suicidal thoughts, at times. For me, this tattoo is an act of erasing all the memories, and starting afresh. It’s about cleaning up the closet, and finding closure. So, the skull here signifies what is history, what’s gone, and the girl with wings signifies that I have finally let it go. She has wings because I want to contain back nothing, any more.”

“The reason I chose to go for such a big subject to cover up just a small text tattoo was that I didn’t just want to cover up that name on my body, but I want to cut all strings off from my past.”

Aditya understands that he is not the only one who chose to get his love interest’s name inked on his body. And he also realises that he isn’t the only one covering up that mistake. But he does realise that one should never commit that mistake at the first place. “I would like to say this to everybody, THINK A THOUSAND TIMES before getting anybody’s name inked on your body for the rest of your life.”

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