With a backing of almost 12 years of professional tattooing experience, Chirag Jhala, is one of the senior most tattoo artists in the Indian tattoo industry. Chirag firmly believes in precision of technique and professionalism which is exactly what you first notice when you visit his studio in Inks n Needles Tattoo Studio in Andheri, Mumbai. Although, he isn’t from an art background, he always had a passion for it which soon became his profession giving way to 12 years of some very satisfied clients stepping out of his studio.


Chirag’s journey in the tattoo industry started with his first tattoo which led him to believe that tattoos are an extension of one’s own personality, “One should get such a tattoo that people copy it, and not the other way around.” As a client when you talk to him, you will notice that he doesn’t hesitate voicing his opinion about what will look good on you and what won’t. The skin tone, the curves, the size of the tattoo, the position, he knows what he is doing and will make sure that the client makes a decision that resonates with his or her body.

A self taught artist, Chirag started tattooing in 2004 and has eventually become one of the few artists who specializes in clean lines, unique compositions and brilliant color techniques. So, what does he bring to the Pune Tattoo Festival this year? “I have visited many conventions and have won multiple awards in different categories. This will be my first time in Pune Tattoo Festival, and along with doing some good pieces I intend to share my knowledge and expertise with everyone. I will be holding two seminars, ‘Back to Basics’ and ‘Colour Tattoo Techniques’.”

Seminar On Color Techniques

Back To Basics Seminar

What’s unique and is something that comes along with mastery in technique is that his tattoos look almost the same – fresh and healed. We believe that’s something that comes with years of practice and understanding your equipment and ink. Experience his world and version of tattooing at Pune Tattoo Festival between 14 and 16 October.

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