There are few names on this planet who can invoke the same level of inspiration in their field of work as Filip Leu, one of the greatest ever masters of professional tattooing. Such is his stature in the world of tattooing that you almost naturally expect every budding tattoo artist to be well versed with the works and journey of Leu.

But an ever exploring artist that he is, Leu is barely visible on mainstream media. The few words that you get to hear from him often leave younger artists begging for more. And after this epic interview, way back in 2013, Filip Leu appeared again, on Friday, in a lengthy interview with an art channel.

In this interview, Filip Leu talks about a variety of issues under the two broad subjects of painting and tattooing; two art forms he practices and understands so much about. Without any idea of when we will get to hear him next, cherish these 20 minutes, and inhale as much as you can.

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