Here’s the thing, we have no clue what the world is coming up to! We don’t want to sound like everyone else who’s just beating their chests about everything wrong in the world and not lifting a fucking finger to do anything about it.

Well, we have many problems but body shaming just about tops the list. Who the hell gave anyone the right to say that ‘thin is in’? And even if it was, why should anyone have a problem with curves? Do I have the same name as yours? Do I have the same parents as yours? Do I have the same IQ as yours? Then, why should I have the same body as yours?

We were asking ourselves all these questions and we thought why not do a feature on some lovely, lovely bootilicious babes who own the plus size world and since we are all about tattoos, we narrowed our search to find some inked badass plus sized beauties. We sure as hell were surprised! Not only did we find some amazing plus sized inked models, we found out they were immensely proud of their bodies.

Tess Holliday


Curvaceous, beautiful and charming is how Tess can be described. She landed her first contract with MiLK Management and went on to become a unique size 22, inked mainstream model. Her tattoos include a Miss Piggy tattoo on her right outer forearm, a Mae West tattoo on her right inner forearm, a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her left bicep, a plus-size mermaid tattoo on her right upper thigh and a Hello Kitty tattoo on her right calf.  Her latest ink is a giant portrait of Dolly Parton. In an interview with Daily Mail, Tess adamantly says that she wants to challenge the society’s perception of beauty and what’s acceptable or not in the modeling industry and the world.


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 Zoe Mellisa Mae

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Zoe is a British makeup artist, an alternative model and a horror junkie; and boy, does she know how to make love to the camera! In a photo shoot with Lauren-Beki Rowlands, this beauty will make you eat out of her hands. Check her out!

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Dallas Valentine


Now, here’s one pinup babe who’s a total badass! Dallas’ first tattoo was at the age of 17 and for her tattoos are a way to showcase herself; the more she gets tattooed, the more she feels like herself. Notice her nonchalance towards the camera and it makes you want more of her with every click. Here’s Dallas for you!

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Now, you know what these beautiful babes and we are telling the body shamers to do…? Go dream about being as sassy as them or simply…go f*** yourselves!

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