What’s the common link between getting hitched and getting inked? Just this, that both experiences are very personal and special. And, you hope you stay hitched for as long as a tattoo lasts. So, getting tattooed on your big day would be a novel way of saying ‘till death do us apart’?

Tattoo artist, Robert Fiore seems to think along the same lines. Robert is a wedding tattooer. Ever heard of one before? You probably wouldn’t have, because he is literally the only guy in the world to have introduced tattooing in the affairs of a wedding.

Image Courtesy: Robert Fiore
Image Courtesy: Robert Fiore

Robert is the owner of Red Lotus Tattoo in Landsdale, Pennsylvania and has over 20 years of experience as a tattoo artist. He was going about his usual business, until the day he jokingly suggested that he would tattoo a to-be-married couple he knew at their cocktail party. The sporty couple took him at his word, and the wedding tattooer was thus born! Robert has already taken his tattoo studio to six weddings, and is booked for 20 more in the next two years!

I suppose, getting inked at a wedding means a lot more than creative expression. The memories of the wedding will always remain etched on your body; a reminder of the good times spent on the special occasion. In Robert Fiore’s words- “There is no greater reason to adorn one’s flesh with a marking than to celebrate the love between two people and the tribes they come from. It’s a ritual as old as time.”

Robert Fiore’s time as ‘The Wedding Tattooer’ has been spent well till now. At one wedding, he tattooed the grandparents of the bride; he recounts that as one of his most special experiences. Robert is approached by enthusiastic guests across all age groups at weddings, and they seem pretty much interested in all that a wedding tattooer has to offer!

Image Courtesy: Robert Fiore
Image Courtesy: Robert Fiore

So, what does he offer apart from super-awesome tattoos? A wide range of designs from the mildest to wildest themes. A 100% sterile procedure. A unique tattoo menu for guests, created in collaboration with the bride and the groom. Most importantly, a clean and safe tattoo experience for those interested. A special mention has been made of the LGBT community on Robert’s website calling out to them for their love and support for this service. Prices start at $500 and can go up depending on the number of guests, travel expenses and designs involved. If you’re looking for a wedding experience that stays with you forever, this might just be worth every penny! Be it your wedding reception, cocktail party or bachelor/bachelorette bash, Robert Fiore and his tattoo studio will be at your service.

Tattoos are the new wedding souvenirs, and they’ve just fuelled one of the most exciting wedding trends. I’m personally waiting for this trend to hit India. It would be rather cool to witness the bedecked Indian bride say ‘I do’ to a tattoo… Perhaps, some brides would gladly substitute mehendi with bold, inky patterns across their body. Only time will tell.

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