Tattoo, as an art and industry in India, has come a long way.  Gone are the days when full sleeve tattooed arms would attract raised eyebrows and whispers. Over the years, tattoos have gained mainstream acceptance in modern society. It is no longer a trademark of just bikers and outlaws. Now students, housewives, white collared professionals and just about everybody has joined the bandwagon. I remember walking the alleys of Freeschool street in Kolkata, and marveling at the tattoos of my rock gods in posters, who sported them with panache and a rebel attitude. Secretly staying up late at night and watching MTV which aired rebel and rock music is probably where our fascination with tattoos started from. Today, we roll back the years, to simply marvel at the tattoos of the rock gods who started it all for us.

Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D ( Payable on Death ):

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You might know Sonny as the lead vocalist of alternative and nu metal band P.O.D. These nu alt metal rap-rock gods have their roots in Christian worship music, reggae and heavy metal. We have all seen Sonny head banging with his waist length flowing dreadlocks but did you know he has a pretty neat collection of tattoos as well.

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It is evident that Sonny’s personal life and much of POD’s music comes from the love of Christ.


Brain Head Welch of Korn:

Yeah, you might think why are we selecting only Nu Metal bands? But our next artist is ex guitarist of Korn, Mr. Brain Welch, lovingly called as Head.

Head has had a very troubled life, and after achieving heights of stardom he developed a crippling meth addiction. In his testimony he  said he nearly died by his faith in Christ saved him.  Head has “Soldier of Christ ‘” written across his belly and a black inked piece of four saints carrying the cross.

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Travis Barker of Blink 182:

Why is Travis Barker famous apart from running butt naked on Blink 182 videos? Simple he is just one of the baddest ass on drums. He has the chops, he has the punk groove and he beats the skin like a war cry. How can a tattoo zine be complete without Travis? He is probably the heaviest tattooed man in all of pop punk history.

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Mr. Barker has had a hell of a life, he is recovering drug addict, drummer of the pop punk legends Blink 182, lone plane crash survivor and a restaurant owner.

He has a caddliac script going down on his rib cage which took 12 hours to complete. He has a set of family potarits. His mum, dad and two kids.


Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers:

Singer, Crooner, Rapper, Sex God , mad man, recovering heroin addict, poet, front man. Anthony has many roles. He is deeply attached to tribal art and has ten tattoos.

His most famous piece is the large Red Indian bird on his back and tribal red chiefs on his arm. A Koi carp on the inside of his arm and a chili astriex or star of infinity to only name a few.

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Brandon Boyd of Incubus:

Next in the line is the maverick painter, California resident and vocalist of alternative band Incubus Mr. Brandon Boyd.  Apart from leading one of the most innovative alternative bands in recent history Brandon is a visual artist and a tattoo collector.

Lets start with his scripted text in red, the Buddhist mantra “ Om Mani Padme Hum “, this sits very well in contrast to his traditional black ink tattoos.

He also has a flowery Mandala with Om written in it on the other side.  On his other arm he has a peacock and a contemplating monk. On his back he sports a flying pyramid with an all seeing eye placed in the middle.

That’s it for now! Next in this series, we will come up with more rock gods to drool on. If you are planning to get inked, then search for the perfect artist for you only on TattooCultr.

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