Vishnu Vasava is the guy who fell in love with tattoos while on his honeymoon, and now there is no looking back! Tattooing is his passion, and his life.  He is the guy who is taking Gujarat by storm, and sets his eyes beyond.

Vishnu was romancing his newly married life, just while on his honeymoon he discovered how BIG tattooing culture was in Goa. He had to bring that back to his hometown, Baroda in Gujarat.


He tells me, “I was always good in drawing and painting, I wanted to do that for life, but didn’t know how to! No one ever took my art seriously, until I took it seriously once and forever. I also needed a job by then, and there was nothing to drive me towards finding my passion, but tattooing captured my sincerity.  I started tattooing in 2013, and it has been the best turn my life has taken!”

Vishnu, after getting a few tattoos on himself to kick-start his journey of tattoo love, then attended a workshop by Sunny Bhanushali, and that’s where he learnt all the basics of tattoo equipments, needle movements, hygiene and after care routine. “I attended a few tattoo conclaves in Delhi and Pune, in fact I also won an award at the Pune tattoo Festival last time. This got featured in Divya Bhaskar, a tattoo story in a Gujarati daily this big was first time in history.”


When asked about how Gujarat is responding to the new raving tattoo culture, he says, “People here love art, many people come for temporary ones more that permanent pieces. But more and more people are becoming open to getting inked for life. During Shivratri and the holy Shraavan month, you won’t believe how many people pour into get Shiva tattoos. I never thought people would look at tattoos in a spiritual/religious way.”


He specialises in water colour tattoos, his work is inspired by a lot of realism work and he enjoys shading. All these things are pretty new for Baroda, where his studio Vishnu Ink Tattoo is.

Now he is headstrong prepared to show off his art at the Pune Tattoo Festival 2016, and he says, “I want to show the best work I have done, I am going to do a lot of live art on canvas too. I will be showcasing a lot of my sketches too. I want to come back with a lot of exposure and introduce new nuances to my work here in Baroda.”


Vishnu hails from an Adivasi community, and he takes pride in that fact. He has walked out of cultural exploitation in Indian history, and celebrates his life as an artist. To commemorate his ethnic roots, he has a tribal piece on his sheen that reminds him to excel in his work, every single day in his life.  He is kind of hero for many people, it is because of him that people in his clan recognize and consider out-of-the-box options for work and life.

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