Vishal Manhas may be a 20-year old youngster on the outlook, but a little conversation with him shows that he isn’t a small time tattoo artist who is in this profession just for fun. Vishal is pretty serious about his art, and even after getting immense oppression regarding this from his family, he manages to follow his heart. “People think that I am young, so I can’t be in this business but they are wrong. I am the youngest tattoo studio¬†owner across India, and I want to show it to people what my brand of tattoo art is,” says Vishal.


So, what’s the specialty in his art form? “I do a lot of mandalas, heavy line work and calligraphy. I am really good in these, which not many others are. Calligraphy specially is my forte. I try experimenting with a lot of fusion work where I combine various types of mandalas and like to work with calligraphy. That in itself gives a whole new meaning to a tattoo,” adds Manhas.

Even though this is the first time he is attending such a tattoo festival, he is pretty joyous while speaking about it. He says, “In India, there are very less such tattoo festivals, and therefore this is a unique opportunity for a young artist like me to showcase my talent. It’s a perfect platform for new artists, and I am looking forward to having a great time at the event.” Not just that, he even plans to bring out something new for all the people attending the event. “I am planning to combine Japanese art with Mandalas during this festival. That would be a first of its kind in India, and I will be happy to add my calligraphical touch to it,” he adds.

He is planning to attend the festival with his entire team of artists from his studio,¬†Youngistan Tattooz. “We don’t do any sort of advertisement for our art, therefore this kind of a platform is best for the world to get to know what sort of tattoos we are capable of making,” concludes Vishal.

Well, Japanese tattoo art in fusion with desi mandalas – that’s definitely something I would look forward to.

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