Sudhir Rao has been one of the most known faces when it comes to body art. Having worked with Body Canvas for almost 6 years, he has carved a niche for himself in a world which runs most on word-of-mouth publicity.


Talking about the upcoming Pune Tattoo Festival, he clarifies that this is the first time he shall be tattooing in such an event. “I have been a spectator quite often at various tattoo fests, but this is the first time that I have a stall in there. It’s kind of a different sort of excitement that I am feeling,” says Sudhir.

Not just this, he is even planning to showcase some new fusion arts at the convention. So what does he consider his forte in tattooing? “In India, you cannot have a single thing that you are good at. Because people keep coming and asking you to make various sort of things, and you cannot say no, as you don’t want to lose a loyal customer. In India the customer wants everything that’s in your kitty. So in my opinion, it’s best to know everything because you start making a tattoo having something in mind, but at the end you end up doing a bit more innovation in that. However, personally I like to do a lot of 3D art, and keep it a lot realistic. That’s something that is my absolute favourite,” says Rao.

He mentions that he has a lot of people attending the convention whom he knows from a long time. Some maybe via mutual friends and some who he has got acquainted through work.

Body Canvas is known to have a lot of celebrities flowing in. So is there anyone whom he would love to imprint upon? “It has to be David Blaine. I have been a magician all my life. Long before I started doing tattoos professionally, I was a magician. I wasn’t in India that time, and I was a big fan then, of all magicians. I think in order keep that magic alive of tattoos in me, I would someday aspire to make a tattoo on David Blaine,” concludes Sudhir.

So, if you guys want to see some magic tricks alongside getting a tattoo, he is the guy to go for during the Pune Tattoo Festival 2016.

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