Meet Saurabh Pardeshi, he firmly believes that with an open mind and vivid imagination, it is possible to turn the tattoo of your dreams into reality. Whether it’s a miniature reproduction of an old master’s painting or Sabby’s original, he’s proven time and again that no tattoo is impossible — a concept which is challenging and redefining the contemporary standards of tattoo artistry in India. Sabby’s work has received attention internationally too. His studio is flocked by celebrities too, from time to time. And reading his story, you’ll be convinced with every word we just said.

“I am given a chance to educate people as an artist on how to identify an individual style; everybody has their own different style. Each artist today gives enough time to develop a choice of style or creates their own however, the discipline and respect given to each and all the styles remains at a very high altitude even today.”, says Sabby when asked to describe his life as a tattoo artist. He also said that there are very few key features to develop a style, and people today are willing to specialise on one particular style with high knowledge, dedication and practise; but a lot of people are not able to identify their own tattooing style.

Being a part of this industry and witnessing it grow in such a large arena has allowed him enough time to become versatile and his plans will always be to offer this arena of versatility to the end client. And this is what you are about to expect at the Pune Tattoo Fest too, where Sabby is participating.

Sabby’s style of work is very clinical, according to him, the vision or the mind set to identify the right path and style is the crux to good work. He says, “As an artist, I always identify if a particular style or design will suit the nature of the client. It is also very important to make the client aware of the different styles the industry has to offer today, so working in the way of client’s style, keeping their attitude and mind set in the picture and finishing that tattoo gives me a much better output.”

As a tattoo artist, Sabby understands each stroke and shading done at the time of the tattoo which would heal and give better results for a lifetime. He adds, “For example, Paul Booth. I find his tattoo too dark right after it’s completed, but I also try to understand his vision of that tattoo for a life time. So I always understand the nature of the client and make sure they get the best out of their ideas which they can carry for a life time. I’ve a lot of respect for the art and more respect for the skin on which it’s done, not to mention but there are various skins types.”

Sabby was one of the judges at the Pune Tattoo Festival last year (2015), and during the end of the same year he also contributed in Heartwork Tattoo Festival in Delhi. With tattoo conventions, his aim is to provide better understanding and to showcase different styles of work in the industry. As he says, “It’s a huge opportunity for the people to witness and utilise every aspect of this event. One could either be here to get a tattoo done by your favourite artist who is not from the same city, or understanding the industry and the different style of work available.” He laughingly also adds, “It’s always better to spread love, and the vibe at the Pune Tattoo Festival is always luring.”

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