Vikas Malani is one of India’s finest fusion tattoo artists who considers himself to be the ‘oldest’ at such a tattoo festival. His studio, Body Canvas, is one of the most busiest tattoo shops that I have seen around town, and that hasn’t changed for the last 15 years that it has been functioning. Wonder what’s so special in his tattoos?

Well, not just does he believe in his Indian roots, he manages to combine it beautifully with foreign elements, so that his clients can get the best of both worlds at the same time. “Well, at Body Canvas, we believe that we are for the people. We work according to the clients choices. It’s not about how big or how complex the tattoo design is, it is about how well your client connects with the art,” says Vikas.

The talented artist plans to visit the Pune Tattoo Festival along with his entire team. “We are planing to introduce some new-age fusion arts at the festival. We are planing to explore a lot more of the Indo-Western art forms there,” adds Malani.

However, he isn’t planning to do any tattoos himself, and is only going there to meet up with a lot of his old friends. Simultaneously he is also planning to have a look at other tattoo artists, and maybe incorporate something new in his future designs. Talking about the specialty of the Pune Tattoo Festival he says, “I think the diversification that you are getting at this festival is fantastic. Also, the man behind this event, Ronak Patel is a fabulous guy. There is no small artist or big artist for him. He is bringing in artists from all across under one platform, so that everyone can look at each other’s work and learn something or the other. This is the sort of encouragement every young tattoo artist needs, and it helps in jump starting their career.”

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Considering that he constantly keeps getting calls from many celebrities for doing body art on them, we wonder who is the ultimate celebrity that he would like to tattoo! “Celebrities don’t have to be people from Bollywood or Hollywood. I think a good leader is someone who can help spread the message of tattoos as an art form across generations, and that’s why I feel that someday I would like to do a tattoo on Narendra Modi,” concludes Malani.

So folks, if someday you see our Prime Minister sporting an inked look, you know which tattoo parlour to queue outside.

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