It is oh-so-amazing that tattooing is a leveller when it comes to a community of art connoisseurs. Every tattoo artist has a story to tell, and a passion that drives them. Today, meet Sebastian D’souza, 23,  who says “As a kid I was always drawing, it made me happy, but tattooing had never occurred to me. And now it is amazing how tattooing is my life.”

Yes, tattooing is life for Sebastian who comes from a very humble past. He says, “I hail from a simple south Indian family, my dad was into music, and we lived a very down to earth life. There was nothing fancy, but art and music was always encouraged in our household. It was our art of living. I have always been in a boarding school, so I knew the importance of finding my mojo, doing what I do best and make a living out of it!”

Sebastian was naïve to the idea of tattoos until his friend got his first tattoo. This fascinated him totally and he started taking his sketching quite seriously. Now he wanted to draw more portraits and experiment with different kinds of drawing. Looking at his work, his friends suggested that he should consider tattooing as a career option, and that struck him to take it up, he wanted to become a tattoo artist.

“I was 16 when I started my training in tattooing. I went to Andrew who was then in Vashi, now has an amazing studio in Goa, Inkster Inc. He has taught me the professional side of tattooing. I consider myself very lucky that I had such an awesome tattoo master to hold my hand and bring me to where I am. His number one priority was sterilization, and his technical tips and tricks do wonders to me as a tattoo artist and to my clients who experience international level of tattoo expertise.”

Sebastian masters in various forms of tattoos. His specialty is black and grey, grey wash, dot-work, geometric, tribal and Polynesian styles. He has an impressive studio in Thane, and it is one of the well-known parlours in the central suburbs of Mumbai. He kick-started his participation at tattoo conventions with the Harley Rock Riders- Bangalore, in 2012. He says, “I was really inspired by meeting so many famous tattoo artists there, Sameer Patange being one of them. The vibe at conventions is amazing, I got to see so many artists in action, I also had a stall there, and clients pouring in to get your work on their skin forever is a heart-warming feeling. I am totally looking forward to the Pune Tattoo Festival 2016 as I’d like to call Pune the capital of tattoo art. There are so many great tattoo artists functioning from this small city that is so peaceful and has its own pace of life.”

“All this while I was preparing to be a part of such prestigious tattoo conclaves, now I am ready to expose my talent, and want to leave an impression. I am looking forward to learning more and soaking in as much as I can. I want to network and meet more artists and celebrate being a part of this ever growing art community!”, says Sebastian, and after this we can only look forward for all the action that will be a part of this festival, so be there, we’re expecting an amazing vibe this time on!

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