This is the story of a jewellery designer turned into a renowned tattoo artist who creates tattoo art as fine and as precious as bijouterie. We are talking about Pinku Bijoy Ghosh, of Inkkraft Tattoos in Hyderabad, India.

Pinku is a Bengali, and his father is a goldsmith, so all the golden years of growing up, Pinku has seen his dad crafting pieces of ornaments that are inspired by beauty and desire. Pinku wanted to do that, he too wanted to make art, but not any kind of art, he wanted to be really good at it, and he wanted to be a craftsman!

Image Courtesy: Pinku Bijoy Ghosh

“I was always inspired by art; I was ten when I started sketching and drawing. I loved every step of creating art. It was the only thing that never failed me”, says Pinku whose love for tattoos made it his profession, before he gave up jewellery designing, the family business he entered. But it proved to be a link between his art and tattooing.

This was the time when people were not warm enough to embrace tattoos, as Pinku says, “Tattoo as a concept was in its nascent period. It was a distant dream to take it up as a profession.” However he managed to keep it close to his heart, and to a certain extent he kept it closed up too. After a yearlong hands-on experience in designing jewellery he realised that it wasn’t really kicking in as much passion as he wanted to. He now wanted to do the unthinkable, tattooing was the only passion left.

“I approached Kevin Andrade of The Flying Lotus Tattoo Studio in Mumbai to train me under him. We worked together for eight years, and nothing could compare the joy it brought me, I was looking at tattooing in a new light, where people were not only more accepting but also much more appreciating”,  says Pinku.

Being a conceptual artist, Pinku draws inspiration from every corner of life which later goes on to becoming beautiful symmetries painted skin deep. In 2013, he launched Inkkraft, his independent tattoo studio in Hyderabad, and it is well known for its warm and welcoming vibe. Pinku adds, “I would like to be known as a ‘craftsman of ink’, hence the name is apt for my dream.”

His working styles reflect the best of abstract, black and grey shading and colours, polka trash, tribal and many more. He tends to create fusions of all tattoo forms. He enjoys every genre in tattooing. He strives to make sure that his work is synonymous with high standards of hygiene with the latest equipments in the industry providing versatile customized art.

With Inkkraft, Pinku is an innovating force in the tattoo industry in the south Indian city of Hyderabad, which was otherwise only known for its biryani and IT parks. He loves wandering and exploring new nuances in tattooing and has attended the Nepal Tattoo Convention in 2015, the Kolkata Tattoo Festival in 2014, the Heartwork Tattoo Festival in Delhi and many more. This time he is looking forward to the participating in Pune tattoo Festival not to compete or gain recognition, but because his friend Ronak Patel is organising it, and he couldn’t deny his invitation. So he is going to use this opportunity to be there and have a good time, meet all the artists and dip in the lovely vibe of Pune, and of course enjoy the music too.

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