There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance, it’s called humility. Confidence smiles, arrogance smirks. – Pinterest

It’s always a pleasure to speak to Niloy, one of the biggest names in the tattoo industry and yet, one of the humblest artists I have come across. Why I call him an artist is because that’s all he really cares about and he also cares – he cares about his canvas, he cares about his colours, and he cares about his inks and needles. What’s more the first thing that catches your eye on his website is “Pure Art and Hygeine”, a statement powered by a famous tattoo equipment company.

A drummer by passion, Niloy took up visual art because it runs in his family; his father is a painter too. When he started out tattooing, it was to support his band. Eventually, tattoo machine became the driving force and drums, the pillion rider. Although he never got a chance to train under a senior artist but his studio, Lizard Skin Tattoos in Kolkata is quite open to taking young artists under its wing. Speaking about the Pune Tattoo Fest, Niloy is looking forward to the event. “I don’t think I have any particular agendas, I am coming there because Ronak is a friend and meeting all the other artists is always great.” He is one of the most sought after realism tattoo artists in the country and his work quite literally speaks for him.

While a lot of his work is black and grey, his use of colours in any piece is something to watch out for. The thing with realism is, until it flows with your curves, it aint right and Niloy is one of the few artists whose lines and conceptualization will not only complement your body but he will make sure that you have one of those unique pieces that somebody else won’t have. Take for instance, the piece given below. The canvas wanted a piece dedicated to her mother who died after a battle with Cancer. Niloy used ‘The Day of the Dead’ as an inspiration and sketched something unique to the canvas. When we spoke to the canvas, all she could say was the smile is exactly like my mother’s.

Image Credit: Niloy Das
Image Credit: Niloy Das

So, does he plan to stick to his ground or would he be exploring any new styles in the convention? “I have a few pieces planned for the convention, why don’t we wait till the convention and then you can see for yourself. All I hope is the pieces turn out well and I have a good stay.”

Meet the genius at Pune Tattoo Festival from October 14 to 16 and see him create magic with ink and needles yourself.

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