By now it’s a fairly established fact that Pune Tattoo Festival is going to see some stalwarts of the Indian tattoo industry coming together and having a ball of a time tattooing, chilling and tattooing. Adding to the names in this list is Mukesh Waghela. A certified tattoo artist from Thailand Tattoo School, Mukesh has been tattooing for over seven years now. His pieces range from Japanese to gothic to tribal, Maori and detailed realism and the impressive kitty of clients includes names like Chris Gayle, Karan Singh Grover, Tusshar Kapoor and many more.

What’s different about him when there are so many artists who are indulging in realism these days? To us, what’s different is that he has a sense of the client. When you walk up to him for a tattoo, be sure that he will engage you in a conversation which will get the exact details of what you want for a tattoo. While a lot of his designs are original pre-sketched pieces, conceptually too, he loves customizing tattoos according to his clients’ needs or whims and fancies! Strong shading work with well defined lines and a strong sense of vision for the clients’ needs is what makes him one of the most sought after artists not only in Goa, but also internationally.

So, why is he coming to the Pune Tattoo Festival? “I love conventions, the vibe…so many people, it’s livelier to work and you meet clients and artists from all over,” says an excited Mukesh. “I have a big piece planned for the convention and I am also looking forward to entering some competitions at the convention. It will be interesting to come and showcase what I have to offer in front of so many people.” Come along to the Pune Tattoo Festival to see who’s winning in the competitions!


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