Body Canvas has been one of India’s premier most tattoo parlours. A big part of this famous outfit in the Mumbai-Delhi circuit is Amir Shaikh. He has been tattooing for many years now, and cannot think of anything more worthwhile than this profession. “I started tattooing at a very young age, and there was hardly anyone to guide me when I began. However, things are not quite the same these days,” says Amir.

Image Credit: Mickey Malani

So what brings him to the upcoming Pune Tattoo Festival? “I feel this festival is a healthy mix of artistes. Tattoo artistes from various corners of the nation are going to come down here. And the organisers have made sure that they don’t differentiate between the newbies and the oldies. The platform has been kept same for everyone, and that’s what is going to be exciting. So every tattoo artiste can look at the others and learn something new. It’s a healthy growing platform not thinking about how big or small an artiste you are,” adds Shaikh.

Image Credit: Mickey Malani

Talk to him about anything special that he is going to showcase at the festival, and he is full of mysteries. “There are certain new things that we plan to open up at the festival, especially fusion arts,” Amir says.

Amir believes in combining his desi roots along with some foreign elements to create something visually stunning. “At Body Canvas, we truly believe that we are for the people. We work according to what the client’s choices are. We can create the most complex of tattoos, but if it doesn’t suit the client we shall definitely not recommend that to them. We would rather stay low and help our clients be satisfied than going overboard with designs that the clients later regrets. It’s all about connecting with the person on whom you are making the tattoo.”

So, does he feel that the art form is growing in India these days? “Well, at a slow pace. People in the western countries are more aware of tattoos, and are more open to get them done. However, there is still a lot of people in India who don’t know what tattooing is all about. At Body Canvas, we plan to change that. We hope to make more and more people aware of the art form, and thereby help revolutionize the tattoo industry,” says Amir.


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