Bhopal is really, very recently, warming up to the idea of going to professional tattoo artists to get inked, finally tattoos are considered what they deserve, pieces of art. Akash Chandani has struggled and has sustained to be one of the best tattoo artists in Bhopal. He says, “At my tattoo centre, Skin Machine Tattoo Studio, we provide art, we don’t even have catalogues here, we make sure our clients understand that getting inked is a life-long decision and hence, we like to give them one-of-a-kind tattoos”.

Image Courtesy: Akash Chandani

Akash has an impressive full sleeve cover, that he has inked himself, and why so? Akash shares, “When I wanted to learn tattooing, I didn’t have anybody here who would allow me to do a tattoo on them; they were not even open to the idea of tattooing, as they have now.  I had to use my skin as my canvas, did a lot of temporary pieces to practice, and some that will tell my story on me forever, and it has helped. I know what it feels like when someone gets a tattoo for the first time and then forever, this practice has humbled me and made me conscious of my work. I give my one hundred percent and make sure no tattoo ever resembles the one I have done earlier!”

Image Courtesy: Akash Chandani

As a child, he was very good at drawing cartoons and figures. As he grew up, and the loss of his father at a tender age of 14, made him give up most of the things in life that he enjoyed and circumstances forced him to grow up to support his family. He recollects, “My first tattoo was from a roadside tattooer in a ‘mela’ (funfair). The tattoo was not the best one could get, I have now covered it up, but what it did to me was great- it instantly inspired me to take up tattooing as a passion and generate a career that I enjoyed doing, for the rest of my life.”

Image Courtesy: Akash Chandani

This man is participating in the Pune Tattoo Fest 2016 and is just as excited as we are to showcase his work, a lot of it is rooted from realism, and complementing abstract art. He will also do lovely colour portraits in all sizes- lifelike and tiny cute ones that are trending.  Be there to experience the cool vibe of tattoo culture.

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