Now, I have heard many people say, “Dude, I do what I do and I did what I did, no regrets man!” But I haven’t seen many actually believing and acting on the no regrets policy. Angad Sodhi is a person who believes in it with such conviction that he got it tattooed.


He had the concept in his head for six years! A journalist by qualification, and a photographer, writer and painter by passion, Angad is a person who went on to participate in the corporate rat race, but five years later, decided that the chaos wasn’t worth it.


“I was part of a large media group in Delhi but it got nowhere. I was always a part of something big but I essentially did nothing. Get a byte for this story, get a quote from there, there was no ‘my story’ in it, no fulfillment as such. So, eventually I got tired of the whole corporate thing and decided to become for the lack of a better word – an artist, after giving five years to the corporate world.”


Being an artist himself, Angad is one of those few people who know what they want and sketch it too. So, what is Nullum Desiderim?

“Nullum Desiderium is Latin for ‘no regrets’.

When I decided to give up my job, I was very certain that I am not going to look back and I didn’t! These words sort of give me the strength to go on no matter what.” But then, why wait for all these years? “So, I was in Goa for the New Year’s Eve this year and on 1st of Jan I thought to myself maybe it’s time I get this tattoo done. I am not going to go back to doing a job, I am pretty happy in being a full time wedding photographer and a part time writer and painter.”


“I met four…maybe five artists before I met Duncan Viegas and all the artists I met, I knew within the first two minutes that I wasn’t going to get my tattoo from them. Eventually, I spoke to Duncan, went over to his studio and spoke to him for an hour. I already had made something but it was no longer enough; I wanted more and Duncan gave me that more.”


After he quit his job, Angad painted for a year and eventually began his journey as a wedding photographer in Delhi; not to forget, he was already a writer. “I wanted a representation of all three elements in my tattoo with the quote and I wasn’t able to think of a way of doing it. It was Duncan who came up with the idea of the camera roll.”

They finally did the tattoo at the Goa Convention, 2016. That was Angad’s last day in Goa and we think what could be a better souvenir! Check out Duncan Viegas sketching and making this kickass tattoo at Goa Convention 2016.

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