With rapid growth of tattooing in the mainstream psyche over the last few years, tattoo conventions throughout the calendar year have become a regularity in India and Nepal now. There are 7 noteworthy tattoo cons in South Asian belt, and they can be categorised into two contrasting types of conventions – an industry convention or a community festival. Industry conventions are the ones which are largely managed by tattoo suppliers, and focus primarily on the trade aspect of the industry, whereas community fests are the ones that bring together a variety of subcultures through the thread of tattoos.

Image Courtesy: Nepal Inked

Personally speaking, I would choose the latter any given day, because community tattoo festivals are designed for an enhanced audience experience. It is us; you and me, who are the priority in these conventions. And the torch bearer of community tattoo cons is back this October – Nepal Inked 2017.

Nepal Inked 2017 Official Poster

In it’s fourth edition this year, Nepal Inked is the brainchild of two of Nepal’s most progressive tattoo artists – John Ma and Eek Glass Pani, aka Bimal Rai. Every year, this convention brings together the local fringe of Kathmandu together by mixing the best local and international talents in tattooing, music, street art, skateboarding and more. And this year, they are taking it beyond the city life of Kathmandu, into the majestic Nagarkot.

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Nagarkot, by Nepalese standards, is a simple farming town. 32 kms east of Kathmandu, Nagarkot is arguably one of the most beautiful spots in the planet when sunrise hits. And the next town over is the Everest Base Camp.

Literally speaking, this could be your chance to GET TATTOOED AT THE FOOT OF THE HIMALAYAS.

The little village of Nagarkot boasts of unreal views of the Himalayas, and is situated amidst the clouds. You could simply take a bus from Kathmandu, or hire a car/bike. Whatever suits you. TBH, you can walk too.

And, if the view of Nagarkot isn’t enticing enough for you, let us then take you to the awe-inspiring depths of art that will be on show for your eyes during the festival. The 2017 edition of Nepal Inked promises to bring together some of the most insane talents of tattoo art under one roof. From UK’s biomechanical genius, Kali Tattoo to local talents like Binay Gurung, to India’s Yogesh Waghmare, the list is long, and brimming with top-notch quality.

Add to that, live shows by Nepal’s hottest music acts, skateboarders ripping it on the sides, art exhibitions, and endless variety of local art at Nagarkot Square.

Image Courtesy: Nepal Inked
Image Courtesy: Nepal Inked

What Nepal Inked 2017 brings together is this counter culture. That little space in this claustrophobic society where individuality finds home. This convention or any other tattoo convention of such vibrancy is important because otherwise, you never get to know the personalities beyond the labels. In fact, it is wrong to call a convention as beautiful as this a space. It’s not.

It’s an atmosphere. An atmosphere that is by, for and of the art. We are together for art. We are Nepal Inked 2017. And, we have not yet begun. So, come join us. Mark the dates:

13-15 October, 2017.

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