TBH, you don’t need to be convinced to come to Nepal. TBRealH, no one needs too many reasons to come to Nepal. But, every October, the impetus to be in Nepal increases because N-E-P-A-L I-N-K-E-D! We previously extolled not only the fabulous tattooists coming for the event, but especially the community of people connecting in Nepal. While turning away from the idea of an industry convention, the organisers of Nepal Inked are focussing this year even more on the value of this community and the specific context of their country. You liked the vibe of the last editions? Then get yourself ready for the journey: These five reasons will surely give you the last push to book your flight – if you not already did.

Image Courtesy: Nepal Inked
  1. This is Nepal

Nepal itself is the best reason to consider a journey in October. The season’s climate is perfect to spend some days at the foot of the Himalayas in Nagarkot 32 kilometres away from the dusty capital Kathmandu. As the festival is happening outdoors, you can get inked glancing at the panorama the mountains have to offer. Nepal though has much more to offer than mind-blowing views. You will be amazed by the great culture and hospitality of local Nepalese and the scene. All this happens surrounded by a rich culture, which has been preserved over centuries. Art is everywhere and new inspirations can be encountered with every footstep.

Nagarkot, Nepal
  1. Building a community

Speaking of people and community, we come to the most important aim of Nepal Inked. With only 30 booths, the event resembles more a family gathering than a regular convention. As tattooists, clients and visitors get the opportunity to stay five days in Nagarkot together to engage and exchange. The Nepalese scene and friends from abroad have build up a friendly and open environment since years. Do not miss the chance to become a part of this strong family entity!

Image Courtesy: Nepal Inked
  1. Embrace the small scale

Getting inked in large conventions can be stressful. You sit inside a big convention hall, two hundred machines are buzzing around you and masses of people pass each booth. Nepal Inked will be different. The team is taking a step back from commercialisation and one forward towards intimacy between the people taking part in any possible way.

Image Courtesy: Nepal Inked
  1. Great artists.

Even though Nepal Inked is a small-scale convention, it does not have to compromise in terms of artists’ qualities. Globally renowned tattooists as well as local luminaries will submit their skills to the portfolio of the event. Bringing these people together will not only amaze visitors, but also support the scene by offering a platform of exchange.

Image Courtesy: Nepal Inked
  1. Bringing countercultures together

The purpose of Nepal Inked is not only to create a platform for tattooing. The festival provides a space, which brings different countercultures like skateboarders, musicians and street artists together. Teamwork and collaborations over the boundaries of different communities are already happening, but undoubtedly need further possibilities like Nepal Inked. Be excited to be a part not only of the tattoo scene, but explore what the Nepalese countercultures have to offer.

Image Courtesy: Nepal Inked

Better consider getting your adventure footwear ready: Coming to Nepal Inked makes you a part of the process of creating something powerful and innovative. It gives you the opportunity to support an independent counterculture and the value of individualism. As said:

We are Nepal Inked 2017. And, we have not yet begun. So, come join us.”

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