“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.” – Frank Borman

One of the front runners of realism tattooing in India, Sunny Bhanushali sincerely believes in this quote. The talented artist plans to visit Nepal Inked 2016 with his family to explore the culture, meet the community and offer his expertise to whoever needs it. “I am visiting Nepal Inked to inspire, get inspired and have some real fun.”

The team of Alien Tattoos, Mumbai will be traveling to Nepal Inked but Sunny does not plan to tattoo at all. “I tattoo for 8 to 10 hours every day at my studio too, I don’t want to be sitting in one place and tattooing while I’m at the convention. I want to move around, explore the convention, meet all the artists and draw inspiration from all the different work that I will get to see. Of course, I am available at my stall or for that matter for any artist who needs my help with anything, but I don’t plan to sit and tattoo.”

His studio caters to clients from all possible art sensibilities. So, be it those cute, little tattoos or full sleeves or backs, these guys are into all of it. However, some of their best work is seen in realism, or what their website calls “Hyper-realism”.

Sunny and his team call themselves ‘Aliens’, but their art is definitely for our kind. His online videos around his tattooing techniques are very popular on YouTube, and claim to help a lot of budding tattoo artists.

Sunny will also be taking a portrait tattoo workshop during his stay in Nepal.

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