Till four years back, Jitendra Pande thought exactly that – “Why would anyone want to get inked?” From that question to as of today, this Middle School Coordinator at Sreenidhi International School, Hyderabad, has 19 tattoos to be proud of. While we sure will get back to the rest of the 18, what caught our eye was his first colour tattoo, done by Pinku Bijoy Ghosh (of Inkkraft Tattoos).


Jiten first noticed Pinku’s work on a student of his. “It was a beautiful piece – perfect lines and very geometrical at the same time.” The piece being currently appreciated is a black, grey and white tattoo of Lucifer with wings coming out of the sun. “The shading, the work on the wings, the perfect geometric circles in the background… all of it were enough to convince me that there couldn’t be a better artist for my next tattoo,” exclaims an excited Jiten.

Although, the “convincing” tattoo was a black, white and grey piece, it didn’t stop Jiten from going full colour. In his own words,”I always wanted a colour tattoo and Bijoy gave me the confidence for it.” He was a little apprehensive about it in the beginning but the artist’sĀ detailing and shading work on the Lucifer really did it for him. “I had some small colour work done before, but that didn’t heal properly and the colour did not come out well. The way Bijoy’s piece has healed it really brings out the colour and on my skin, that’s a tough job!”


‘It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.’ This quote from Jiten’s favourite book, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is the inspiration behind the beautifully healed piece of art in question. “My life is driven by my heart; call me impulsive, but that’s the only way I know how to work and I wanted the quote to be a done in a very dramatic way and at the same time I wanted something geometrical.”


After listening to what Jiten had on his mind, Bijoy decided to take the quote literally. The tattoo is a heart with an eye in the centre which at first, looks like there’s so much going on – strong, sturdy lines, colour work, dot work and mind blowing shading – but the best part of it all is that it works like a perfectly synced harmony. “Bijoy suggested that we should do a heart and put the eye geometrically in the centre of the heart. That, for me, also symbolically says that the heart sees things rightly.”


“To see by my heart is the way I know how to live and to be able to put in on my sleeve only makes me proud of what I am.”

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