There is nothing more important than pets, especially dogs in this world for Poonam. Which is exactly why she chose the profession of grooming them, eventually founding a salon – The White Collar. The idea of body art wasn’t new to Poonam, she had two tattoos already, but this story is about the tattoo that means the most and took the most of thought, love and magic poured into it.

Image Courtesy: Poonam Thaval’s Facebook Profile

“I didn’t just want ‘anything’ on my skin. It took me two years for this one, even though it is my third tattoo. Nothing means more to me in this world more than animals, especially dogs. I am a groomer and I live for pets. I was surfing the net and looking at options of pictures to be put up in my grooming salon, The White Collar. That is when I came across this picture of grooming tools placed in an interesting way, and another one with a face of a dog in it. That is when I thought I should be getting something like that, because it means so much to me.”

Tattoo by Zaheer Chhatriwala
Tattoo by Zaheer Chhatriwala

The dog she has tattooed is her Labrador retriever, Sir Zach. She found Zaheer Chhatriwala, her artist for this tattoo through his work on a stylist in her salon. “I loved his work! And he took so much interest in designing what I wanted, also because he loves dogs as well. This made me go ahead with Zaheer’s design for me.”

The tattoo took a total of 6 hours to finish and the end outcome was something everyone from Poonam’s husband to her family and friends absolutely loved. “My husband actually found the reference pic and sent it to me from which we ideated and made this one. He loved the outcome. My friends absolutely loved it and thought I was crazy to go through so much pain over and over again. My parents gave a very dramatic reaction by saying ‘Enough, I have tortured my body’, smiles!”

Asking her about her future tattoo plans, Poonam says there’s nothing happening soon, although her Sir Zach tattoo is one thing that elates her right now. “I’ve always been scared of getting bored of my tattoos and every single one that I have got have been a result of a lot of thinking and sleeping over It for a few days. And now, I couldn’t have imagined anything better than this to look at every single day, every single minute. It makes me feel for my work more deeply and fondly. I truly live up to it.”

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