As an editorial voice, choosing a headline for an artist like Rishabh Narang is a huge challenge, trust me. In our opinion, he is easily the best tattoo artist in Punjab, but when it comes to artistry, we prefer staying away from superlatives. In this case though, there were no doubts. Presenting our Artist of the Week, Rishabh Narang of Immortal Tattoos.

Honed by one of the pioneers of modern tattooing in India, Lokesh Verma, Rishabh is a shining star of the Indian tattoo industry, and is the figure responsible for the tattoo revolution in Punjab. His endeavour to change the perception towards tattoos in the state is an example for others to follow, and a social experiment that’s actually working.

Rishabh’s studio, Immortal Tattoos is a collective of terrific artists who are establishing their own individual footprints in the tattooing world. Rishabh himself is regarded among the finest tattooers of India, and why not? His black and grey work, and his reach in realism is astounding to say the least. Technically speaking, his shading is as smooth as it gets, and his eye for details will leave you with an open mouth.

Immortal Tattoos, when started, was the first tattoo studio in Chandigarh. Their struggle in the initial years was to change people’s perception of tattoos, and consequently their tattoo choices. From thereon, they have now evolved to a stage where Rishabh and co. are producing some of the finest tattooing in the whole country. Rishabh started a tattoo revolution in Punjab. He has worked his way to change people’s generic tattoo choices to making them understand that this art form is about self expression and individual identities.

Today, Rishabh’s studio is the go-to place for tattoos in Punjab, and that is an achievement to savour for this bludgeoning industry.

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