After Donald Trump’s life-altering presidential win, America has been a sea of unrest, as parts of the non-white and immigrant population are feeling very uneasy about their lives and living conditions in the country. Amidst of all this tension, anti-Drumpf protesters have taken to the streets all across America to renounce the results.

While it’s great to see so many Hillary Clinton supporters organize in protest, but maybe it’s even more important to give voice to other forms of dissent, like the “Safety Pin Movement” inspired by England’s controversial Brexit decision.


For those who haven’t heard of the ‘safety pin movement’ before this, many immigrants in the UK were very fearful for their safety following Brexit. The referendum insinuated Muslims and other minority groups were not welcome in the U.K.

The supporters of this movement decided to don safety pins on their clothing to show solidarity. By proudly wearing the pins, they demonstrated to these scared groups they were “safe places” in a sea of uncertainty.

Following the lead of this beautiful form of protest, a lot of Americans have begun to sport pins in honour of their electoral minority groups like African-Americans and members of the LGBT community. And the movement is no more limited to just pins on shirts. People have gone beyond that, and actually started to get tattoos to show their support to the movement.

Even tattoo artists are lending their support to the cause. A lot of them are giving away #safetypintattoos for free, while a few of them are tattooing safety pins at nominal charges.


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