Let’s be honest an clear: From calling for dinner, to buying a new pair of socks, we do everything online now. Statistics say that the average internet user spends over 3 hours everyday on their cell phones. Even when we (or any friend/family) falls sick, our first instinct is to google stuff. Aaand, it is through internet and Instagram that we build our tattoo choices in our head, too.


Instagram, especially, is loaded with wonderful artists from all over the world, but unfortunately travelling across seven seas to get a tattoo requires some serious commitment, right? Also, some serious amount of cash. And since tattoos are still pretty new in the modern Indian society, we are often confused as to which shop to go to, for our first tattoo. That is why we built Tattoo Cultr. Your one-stop destination for finding tattoo artists near you, check out their work, book appointments, review them, and constantly read great articles that open your insight into the world of tattoos.

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But, how does it work?

Quite simple, actually. Let me help you.

1. Go to our Artists section

When you visit this url, our location tracker automatically detects your location, and serves you a list of some of the finest tattoo artists near you. But when it comes to getting a tattoo, distance can’t be the determining factor, right?


That is why you can click on each artist’s profile, and check out every detail about them – studio details, artist details, portfolio, charges (if mentioned), and feedback from their previous clients.

2. Call them or write to them with your query

When you plan for a custom tattoo, it is ideal to first call the studio/artist you are interested to work with, and take an appointment for a consultation. During that consultation, the artist listens to your ideas and concept, and then sketches out/composes your tattoo design. Once you approve the design is only when you are given a tattoo date.


You can make this process a little easier by doing some research before hand. You can go to our Tattoo Library section, and browse tattoos by different artists, under different genres and styles, and choose a style you will be comfortable in. Then, your artist can draw accordingly, and you can ensure that there is no confusion between the two of you.

3. Research well, because it’s your tattoo, not a tee

Remember friends, your tattoo is not going away for the rest of your life, and that is why it is of utmost importance that you do enough research and know what you really want to get, before you land up under the needle.

We have categorised our library with over 30 styles so far

Tattooing is a culture in its own, and when you get a tattoo, you become a part of our tribe. So, know about your tribe, and choose wisely.

4. Specialisation matters, but experience counts more

Some artists are fantastic with particular styles of tattooing, while some are all rounders. But what really counts in tattooing is experience of the artist, as well. Only an experienced artist knows all the technical twists of tattooing. For example, if you are looking for black and grey tattoos, you should check out some black and grey tattoos done by artists you like, and then choose accordingly. All in the matter of a few clicks.


Of course, it is not imperative that you use to book your next tattoo appointment, but our advice and information is all rounded, and you need to cover all bases before going for your tattoo.

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