Ajay Devgn is known to be a star who keeps his personal life personal but what really drives the actor in real time? His children, he claims. So much so, that the doting father’s first tattoo was for his daughter, Nysa. In his words, “I have Nysa’s name on my chest for a while now. Earlier Yug was too young to make sense of my tattoo or the fact that I had his sister’s name written across my chest. But now my son is five and a half years of age. And he is smart. He keeps telling me, ‘Papa, shirt nikalo aur didi ka naam dikhao.

So, what does Sanjay Dutt have to do with all of this? No, we didn’t add his name just to get hits. Devgn, one of the biggest names in the industry was inspired by the original gangsta of Bollywood, Sanju Baba to get inked.

It all happened in 2009, when Devgn was shooting for All The Best: Fun Begins. Dutt, Ajay’s good friend and co-star in the film suggested that he should have a tattoo. After putting in a bit of a thought, he called his stylist Aalim Hakim who sent his assistant to Goa to get Ajay the desired tattoo.

Ajay was always keen to have his daughter, Nysa’s name inked on his chest but he was torn apart between Lord Shiva and Nysa. Eventually, he ended up having both. What’s interesting is that he is also planning to add his son, Yug’s name to the tattoo. “Before Yug asks me, ‘Dad, why haven’t you put my name on your chest’, I am going to add the alphabets UG to my existing tattoo. The ‘Y’ in Nysa is already prominent. All I need to do is to add ‘UG’ to it and this should complete Yug’s name.”


Ajay had planned to get the tattoo done before he flew off to Bulgaria for the shoot of Shivaay, but now keeping in mind his busy schedule, it seems he will only be able to get it done once the film wraps up and releases.

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