This is a PSA for all our confused brothers and sisters out there, who are trying to find a tattoo artist for their first tattoo. We know your pain, fam! Trying to find the best artist who can guide you through your next tattoo is a huge dilemma.

When you google for the best artist near you, all you see are ads. Whom do you trust? How do you compare? The struggle is real, and we understand that. Therefore, we have made a search engine that let’s you choose just the right person when it comes to the only thing that’s guaranteed to last the entire distance with you.

So, here’s how to find the perfect tattoo artist in Mumbai in xx simple steps:

1. Go to (1)

2. Enter our Artists directory and choose your location

3. See their details, compare portfolios, and whoila! (3)

Still not sure? Okay, sure about what you want to get, but not the artist.

4. Go to our ‘Tattoos’ library, and go through over 3000+ tattoos done in India (4)

5. Okay, got my artist. Now? (5)

That’s it! Enjoy India’s tattoo search engine – Tattoo Cultr

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