Ever wondered how your favourite celebrities would look heavily tattooed? Can a tattooed Marilyn be more graceful than herself? How will you react to seeing them covered in tattoos? Such might have been the questions playing on Cheyenne Randall’s mind when he started his project, ‘Shopped Tattoos’.

Randall, a mixed media artist, started this project in the summer of 2013, after an accident which turned him bed-ridden. Using the hashtag #ShoppedTattoos, Randall has gathered a huge following on Instagram, where his handle @IndianGiver boasts of 15k plus followers.

On this Women’s Day, let’s take you through few of Randall’s #ShoppedTattoos, and open your mind to a different taste of feminism.

1 Grace Kelly redefining ‘lady-like’…

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Janet Leigh in Psycho sports a heart on her chest and a shoulder tattoo which reads ‘slaughter’ – oh the irony…

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Audrey Hepburn could have been the most badass tattooed celeb ever. PERIOD.

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Talking about grace… here’s a tattooed Marilyn Monroe

Image credit: Cheyenne Randall

Take a print out of this picture, and pin it to your desk. No one will mess with you.

Image Credit: Cheyenne Randall
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