Back in 2015, Josh Marshall’s 8-year old son, Gabriel was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. But that didn’t deter their hopes. The family stood right through Gabriel as the brave child fought and beat cancer.

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But for an 8-year old, beating cancer doesn’t end with just the disease. Gabriel started feeling embarrassed and shy because of the scar on his head. At that point, his father, Josh decided to do something extraordinary to help Gabriel recover from his mental trauma.

He got a matching scar tattoo
He got a matching scar tattoo

Josh got a matching scar tattoo after his son’s surgery. “The large scar makes him (Gabriel) feel like a monster” and “He was very embarrassed about the scar” says Josh.

Being the awesome dad that he is, Josh realised that the best way to bring back the smile on Gabriel’s face was to make him feel normal again, was to make him realise that he is not the only one.





Give that man a medal. Seriously! Whatta Dad!

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