The internet has been flipping its mind over this new style of tattooing with leaves. But what is it all about?

Nature has been a stencil for artists of all genres. While modern art is highly influenced by digital design techniques, some artists prefer to go back to the very basics. For most of us, herbariums in school and as part of holiday projects were our way of saving pretty leaves and plant imprints.

Remember these?
Remember these?

Ukranian Tattoo artist and illustrator Rita Zolotukhina has her own way of preserving plants before they go back to the soil. She uses them as stencils in her tattoos. Yes, you heard it right. What’s more, the tattoos come out life like.

The technique she uses is called the ‘Botanical Thumbprint’, which involves her dipping the plant or plant part in ink and pressing it onto the area to be tattooed. She then adds to the outline, colour and other personal touches, thus completing the piece.

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Watch the magic happen :

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Kudos to some nature lovin’ art!

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