There’s something about Goa…one – despite being one of the most overcrowded tourist spots, it continues to surprise people with an undying spirit of holidaying; two – the state is home to some of the best food, wine and music, and three – the most important to us, tattooing literally takes life form here.

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What we mean by life form is, no matter how young or old a person is they would not be inhibited getting inked in Goa. Yes, it could be a temporary one, but nonetheless, people tend to become more open about body art when they come here. For us, Tattoo Cultr, it’s nostalgia. We were there for Goa Tattoo Festival 2016 and we’ll be there for the 2017 show. What’s more, this time, organizer Martin Mclver promises more art, more entertainment and definitely more fun.

The Man in Charge; Martin McIver

Over a period of time, tattoo conventions have seen gradual transformation when it comes to treatment of art. The inclusion of artists from all walks of life be it, flautists, live music bands, rock shows, dance performers, live art installations…there’s no limit to showcase of art when it comes tattoo conventions and GTF 2017 is following suit.

Martin, with his global reach and reputation has kept the artist and entertainment lineup oh so sexy! Looking at the artist lineup, it seems he wanted the Indian artists to be recognized at a global level, a big compliment coming from an event manager of his experience.

Some of the top Indian artists who’ve promised to participate in GTF 2017 include Chirag Jhala, Niloy Das, Kevin Andrade, Goa’s very own Mukesh Waghela, Yogesh Waghmare and Sunny Bhanushali. So while we have some of India’s best new school and colour artists, the international artists inking at GTF 2017 include stalwarts like John Ma, Guy Le Tattooer, Bimal Rai, Jessie Manchester, Mik Lepcha, Akitsu Tomo and Andrea Mallus, among other equally glorified names. Where there are artists, can workshops be far behind? After all, how else would artists learn and interact with each other? The workshop lineup includes Black Work Seminar with Hanumantra and Piercing workshop with Nathan Hague, certainly the baaps of their fields.

While this artists’ mélange is sure to set every tattoo lover’s heart racing, entertainment isn’t far behind. Where else on Earth will you find tattoos, beaches, music and wine under one roof? After all, there’s just one Goa to go to! The venue, Tito’s Whitehouse, promises beautiful grounds, an open swimming pool, multiple bars and add to that, artists and performers like Jyoti Ram, Paco Rodrigues led Sitarsonic and rapper Sumit Roy, not to forget an art show by the famous artist German Di Campli. Check out the video below to get a sneak peek of what’s in store for you at GTF 2017.

We were there last year and we’ll be there at GTF again this year. What about you?

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