Retired England footballer and father of four, David Beckham is known for his chiseled—and inked-up—physique. In a new PSA for UNICEF, Beckham once again bares his famous skin, but not in the way you’d generally expect. In this video, Beckham’s tattoos are on display to draw awareness to violence against children.

TIME writes, ““Violence marks forever,” a child’s voice intones as the camera roves over a shirtless Beckham. His tattoos come alive, illustrating animated scenes of abuse and bullying, soundtracked by cruel laughter and fearful screams.”

“David Beckham chose the marks on his skin, but millions of children bear marks that they haven’t chosen,” the video’s caption explains, imploring us to end violence against children.

The PSA uses animated tattoos on Beckham’s body to show the lifelong impact of violence on children.

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