So, let’s check a few things on our list for an awesome tattoo convention:

India’s top tattoo artists coming together – Check!

An enviable lineup of music artists – Check!

Workshops and seminars for tattoo artists and visitors – Check!

Wine and dine – Check!

What more?

A motherfuckin’ skate show – No fucking way!

Photo by Dhruv Vishwasrao

Hell, yeah! At Tattoo Cultr, we have always felt the sub cultures within our fringe counter culture community are deeply connected with each other, and find resemblance in each other. We toyed with the idea, and started searching for someone who would be interested, and even more importantly, an enabler for the counter culture. That is when we crossed paths with Active8 Sports, India’s leading action sports resource, in terms of connectivity and making available the resources that are minimal in the country.

Image Courtesy: Active8 Sports. Photo by Akshay Tambe

Active8 started off with skateboarding in 2015 because Jay Kinra, the founder is very closely associated with it. Born and bought up in California, Jay has been very interested and aware of sports like surfing and skating. In fact, Active8 team members pride themselves in being close to some form of action sport, be it Mountain biking, Skateboarding, Slacklining or Surfing.

Image Courtesy: Active8 Sports

With Active8, skateboarders have been able to lay their hands on products and merchandise that wasn’t available before in the country. While gear like skate components and accessories that help motivate the skaters was already in the scene, the products they carry are from some of the top brands worldwide. Needless to say the quality of the products is never compromised and moreover, the international brands are getting to connect with skate in India.

Image Courtesy: Active8 Sports

Active8 Sports is the official skateboarding partner for the Pune Tattoo Festival. From zigging around a ramp to learning new tricks to buying some new boards, you have a three-day access to a park that’s always blazing.

So, don’t forget to get your backside to the Pune Tattoo Festival 2016 from October 14 to 16 for an adrenaline kicking skateboarding experience along with freshly brewed ink!

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