Tattoo symbolism vary from culture to culture, and individually. From young enthusiasts to established artists in different spheres of life, every person’s tattoos hold a special place in their lives. Ask any tattoo artist, and they will tell you that no matter who the canvas is, everyone holds a special value for their tattoos.

One such famous musician is the founder of Jalabeel Cartel – DJ Ash Roy, creating waves with his gigs in India and abroad. It is not uncommon for us to imagine a DJ loaded with tattoos all over his body, it practically syncs on our mind as we try to think of a suave DJ, mixing songs at a club with tattoos etched on his arms. Right?

So, lets find out the story of DJ Ash Roy on his story of getting inked and his musical journey.

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The young lad who hails from Kolkata started working professionally way back in the 1996. In 1999, he moved to Dubai and later came back to Delhi to form Jalabeel Cartel, with whom he performed worldwide. You can find him every summer in Berlin and Europe, enthralling the crowd there. His audience in India is a very niche horde of music listeners. He says, “Music has no language, and most techno tracks have no lyrics. So the idea is to come and dance and have a great time with everyone around you.”

So, what was his fixation with tattoos?

He got inked for the first time in Nepal in a Thamel studio, during a gig there. Ash has around 5 tattoos on his body. Describing them he says , “My right arm starts from my shoulders and goes way down to my fore arms. It’s a mix of a Tribal design with a Maori. On my left arm, I had got an Audio Cable design done in Amsterdam a few years ago, but then it got an extension at Funky Monkey 2 years ago which turned out to be something really cool. There is a Turntable arm and a mixer with more cables and parts of the inside of a machine. My back has an outline of a wing. The one on my left shoulder needs some changes, so I can’t describe it now”(sic).

Image credit: GQ India

He feels that his tattoos symbolize that he is a rebel and someone who always protests. He also feels that one should not associate tattoos with someone’s profession as it is a personal choice. There may be several musicians who are not inked yet. He feels that it has become a mainstream trend as the generation of young lads think it’s “cool” to get inked.

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