Tattoos are a craze and you cannot have just one. Well that’s exactly what X-Roadie Charlie Chauhan of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan fame feels too. The damsel is known for her bold sense of style and care-a-damn attitude but it’s her tattoo that actually reveals her true self.

The extremely family oriented Charlie has a tattoo on her ring finger. She has inscribed mother in the devnagri script. Ask her more about it and she says, “I have a tattoo on my ring finger which says ‘maa’. That’s my first tattoo dedicated to my mother.” While most people get tattoos on their back, the ring finger is quite an unusual choice of spot, right? “Well there is a saying that the ring finger is connected straight to the heart and that’s why I chose it; my mother is my life and she is very close to my heart, simple. According to me it makes perfect sense,” said Charlie.


The actress who is currently off the grid spending some quality time with her family up north just can’t get enough ink on her body. It seems Charlie is all set to sport a second tattoo. “My sister Parul has a tattoo that says ‘Tvameva Mata Pita Tvameva’ on her back. I really love that and I am planning to copy her tattoo. My second tattoo will be dedicated to both my parents because of what it says and this one I want it on the back of my neck.”


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