Sleeve tattoo or arm tattoo is gaining popularity among youngsters today. It is especially popular among girls. Sleeve tattoo is very popular among girls because it has nice design and can be hidden easily with dress or long shirt. So, hide it when you need and show off as you want. These girl tattoo sleeve ideas will be great for you.

Best Sleeve Tattoos Ideas For Indian Girls: Japanese designs


If you have certain interest in Japanese culture and art, go with Japanese designs. Japanese design has long history in tattoo art. In tattoo’s earlier day, only dragons would be preferred as Japanese designs. However, Japanese tattoo is actually available in many different options.

Best Sleeve Tattoos Ideas For Indian Girls: Koi Fish


Why not going with Koi fish? This Koi fish is very popular among girls. Koi fish represents ambition and prosperity. Many girls love Koi fish because it features beautiful color combination such as blue from water and orange from the Koi fish itself.

Best Sleeve Tattoos Ideas For Indian Girls: Flower


Are you big lover of flower? Cherry blossom will be amazing option. This flower represents the symbol of life. Cherry tree is able to survive the harsh weather but still keeps standing upright. Due to this reason, Japanese people consider this flower as inspiration. Half or full sleeve design of cherry blossom tattoo looks great.

Best Sleeve Tattoos Ideas For Indian Girls: Tribal Tattoo



Go with tribal tattoo. There are many variations of tribal tattoo design. Tribal tattoo will be terrific girl tattoo sleeve ideas. Get Polynesian half sleeve design. Tribal design is suitable for sleeve tattoo because it is drawn with thick black ink and covers large area. Since it covers the whole arm, you will not need to connect some different designs to create one whole tattoo. If you do not want to have any girly design, tribal tattoo is the answer. Tribal tattoo design is something which you should get if you want to get something fiercer. It is okay for you to add red color to your tribal tattoo design.

Best Sleeve Tattoos Ideas For Indian Girls: Floral Sleeve Tattoo

Floral Sleeve Tattoo Is Also Popular in Indian Girls


If you are planning to get floral sleeve tattoo, you can have experiment with flower design. You can use different flower or delicate vines along with cherries. Add butterfly to your design. Flower, branches, and butterfly are interconnected elements. Using these three elements is not a weird and new thing in tattoo world. When you are choosing girl tattoo sleeve ideas, you need to discuss it first with your tattoo artist. You have a great design but you need to be careful with your color combination. It is because wrong color combination will ruin the look. Make sure you have consultation before the tattoo application is done.

Color of the tattoo depends on the design. Some designs are great in traditional classic black ink only, while other colors will be better in colorful inks. For example, butterfly tattoo looks great with colorful ink. Another thing to remember about girl tattoo sleeve ideas is the area. You need to pay attention at the size and shape of your sleeve. Wider design might not work on sleeve area. Instead, go with longer design. Your tattoo artist will be able to help you to choose the best design.

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