We are at a very interesting phase of modern tattooing in India where we are loaded with so many options of tattoo artists around us, that as art lovers, we haven’t really enjoyed enough of the great tattoos coming out of India, of late. While most of us don’t even consider tattooing as purely an art form, there are also those, like Pinku Bijoy Ghosh, who stand tall against all odds to completely submerge themselves in the magic of tattoos.

Watching Pinku tattoo is an experience on its own. He is like a kid in the park, going all loco on the tattoo. I remember this one instance when I was watching Pinku and Kevin Andrade work together on a full leg tattoo. Kevin stepped out for a smoke, while he was still on, and I couldn’t help but smile at the way he was working. Once sitting down, once standing, moving his chair all around, it almost felt like watching this kid drawing in his art book, and constantly shifting the book to draw in the different areas.

That excitement of doing every tattoo is phenomenal. Pinku Da started out as an apprentice under Kevin, years back, and now runs his own studio in Hyderabad, Ink Kraft Tattoos. In just a few years, he has become the most trusted name when it comes to tattoos in Hyderabad. But, if you roll back the years, and go to the point from where he started off, there wasn’t much footing for him at that time in tattooing.

Coming from a family of jewellers and jewellery designers, it was very difficult for Pinku to convince his family on his choice of profession. And back in the day, tattooing was looked down upon, still is. But that didn’t deter Pinku Da’s hopes. After years of rigorous training under Kevin, and drawing day in and day out, he is now one of most original and path-breaking tattoo artists we have in India.

He tattoos a modern psyche that doesn’t look at tattoos from the traditional perspective, and that is reflected in his work. Proficient in both black & grey, and colour tattooing, Pinku can boast of doing almost every type of tattoo that exists, but in his own way. Even with a similar colour palette at times, he makes each of his tattoos stand out unique. Although Pinku is generally categorised as a brilliant trash polka artist, I believe he has much more to offer on his portfolio than just that.

From japanese traditional to custom conceptual tattoos, from portrait to new school, his range of tattooing covers most aspects and styles, but once you have seen about 20-odd tattoos done by Pinku, you will be able to recognise almost all his tattoos, because they are distinctly his own.

If you are in Hyderabad or anywhere else, and are mesmerised by Pinku Bijoy Ghosh’s tattooing, click here to book appointments with him.

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