India is bustling with tremendous tattooing talent all across the country, since the last few years. As tattoos are finding their way into the Indian mainstream, artists have popped up across the nation, with varied styles, tastes and artistic abilities. One such youngster, who stands out from the ever-growing tattooing crowd is Parmeet Singh of Immortal Tattoos, Chandigarh.

When you meet Parmeet, you are just engulfed with his bouncy energy, and that reflects in his art. At the age of just 18, he joined one of India’s most reputed tattoo studios, Devilz Tattooz as an apprentice, and hasn’t looked back since. He worked there for a year, before shifting back to his hometown of Chandigarh, where he joined Rishabh Narang at Immortal Tattoos in 2012.

Parmeet’s tattooing is very classic and traditional in nature, and popping with bright colours. He is, in fact, one of the very few (maybe the only one) artists in India who goes all out with solid colours in tattoos. As mentioned here, Parmeet has always been in love with illustrative and comic art forms since his childhood. In fact, the first tattoo of his that literally blew my mind was this Vegeta piece.

Image Credit: Immortal Tattoos


His imagery is simple, bold, striking and high in contrast. He doesn’t over-complicate his subjects, and what that does, it makes his tattoos legible from a distance as well. Parmeet’s love for traditional tattoos and the fusion of the same with his modern outlook brings about artworks that hold immense resonance with the young crowd. From comic Shivas to avocados, his style can bring to life almost anything, and is very symbolic of today’s pop culture.

Image Credit: Immortal Tattoos

In fact, if you go through the works of all the artists at Immortal Tattoos, they are a different breed altogether. Rishabh’s work is exemplary in more ways than one, Parmeet is making a name for himself way beyond the boundaries of Chandigarh, and the rest of the team can boost of super clean tattoos, which matters more than anything else at the end of the day.

Image Credit: Immortal Tattoos
Image Credit: Immortal Tattoos

Parmeet’s penchant for strong outlines and packed colouring ensures that his clients will never regret their tattoos. Their ink is secured, and will look the same , more or less, for many years to come. Every young artist should take note of this, because that’s an integral part of ensuring your client falls in love with their tattoos, and go on to build a relationship with your art on their skin.

‘There is absolutely no limit to creativity and imagination. Tattooing allows me to set no limits to my thinking!’
– Parmeet Singh

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