The art of marking the body indelibly was first reported by Joseph Banks, who was a naturalist and sailed with Captain James Cook in the ship HMS Endeavour. James Cook used the term “tattaw” to describe staining the body after seeing the natives of Tahiti and New Zealand doing it. Today we call it tattoo or body ink which has become very fashionable amongst those celebrities who opted for an alternative lifestyle. Tattoo artists are also on the rise and have made it a big business.

Women with body-painted tattoos, numerous piercings, brightly coloured hair and sporty t-shirts are often seen with great admiration. Models with rock solid looks can turn into huge sensation overnight. In 2001, saw the launching of Suicide Girls – a website that features pin-up photography and profiles of female alternative models. All of a sudden a swarm of alternative, punk and amazingly hot women found a platform to put their beauty at display and impress people. This unconventional desire on the rise and an endless attention from all over the world, such specific craze which won’t get out of our sight anytime soon.

Popularly called as tattooed models, inked girls are good-looking, seditious, anxious, and never fear to tell their story. They have tattoo markings on their sleeve, legs, neck, or other places that aren’t always uncovered. Being a model is not always simple because modelling with a lot of tattoos goes against the industry norms. But as tattoo has been widely accepted, we applaud these women who dare to pave their own path and rose to the occasion. We admire their strength, body, and beauty and encourage them to continue modelling. The list below contains top 10 tattooed models. You might be able to find your favourite one in the list.

  1. Ashley Michelle


Ashley Michelle was born in California and got inked for the first time when she was 17 years old. Her friend, who was practising tattooing,didn’t charge any money when he chose to draw a tattoo on her foot. As the years went by, her love for tattoos helped her create a fabolous career.Ashley is a big fan of moviemaker Quentin Tarantino and there will often be a movie night at her home. Jameson bottle is one of her most favorite tattoos and other favorite ones include pit bull kain that is inked on her forearm.

  1. Jade Allison


She may be petitewith a height of 5‘ 5″,but model Jade Allison has body ink below her head to her feet. Allison has been a dancer for ten years and has performed with big names from the field as Primal Screa.. Once when she was shooting a music video, an artistdrew some amazing tattoos on her and since then she started developing an interest in body art.Based in London, she has over 100,000 fans on varied social media accounts, recently, she posted some of her pregnancy pictures. She is pregant now and the baby is due in another 3 months.

  1. Kaitlyn Mason


Kaitlyn Mason is a half Spanish half Vietnamese dancer and social media frenzy living in Dallas. The unrestrained model preposterously claims that she is erratic and was once spotted in public display of affection once, twice but three times. The first time it was in New Orleans, the second time in a movie theatre and the third time in a car by the police.Men who want to flirt with her can take the following tips: 1. Do not compliment her and 2. Do not use a pick up line.

  1. Karlee Jane


22 year old Karlee Jane has the words “wild child” inked under her butt and she lives up to it. Her favourite tattoo is the four eyed wolf on her left thigh. She has over 60,000 followers in her Instagram account. She always advice men who want to date her, “Don’t come on too strong, just go with the flow.”

  1. Riae Suicide


Riae Suicide has been a tattooed celebrity since 2007.She is admired for her natural curves. Apart of being a model she is also a famous artist, her interest in art has helped her acquire some popularity. She left home at the age of 16 and become instantly independent. Over all these years she has worked as a waitress, served a lot of people as secretaries as well. She never considered a career in modelling after her ex-boyfriends bullied her over her looks that ruined her self-esteem. Suicide girls happens to be one of her most famous looks and this also gave her the requisite confidence to move in the right direction.

  1. Maud Suicide


You can be under the spell of Maud Suicide not only for her natural beauty but for actual witchcraft. She is a fan of dark arts and has been experimenting with some black magic herself. She also claims that she came to this planet from a different world. Maud has been one of the most popular girls on Suicide Girls site for few years now.

  1. Pandora Blue


Here is another popular tattooed model. Born in Virginia, this beauty has been an alternative model for three years now and has already gathered around 200,000 followers on Instagram and one million fans on Facebook mainly because of her sexy photo shoots. Her favourite tattoo is a peacock feather. Her parents were always against tattoos and piercings. She had her first tattoo at the age of 18 in an attempt to taunt her parents.

  1. Christy Mack


Alternative model and former pornographic American actress, Christy Mack is recognised as one of the sexiest women in the world. In April 2015, she said that she was going to retire from adult film industry. Her personal life got worse last year when she was abused by her ex-boyfriend and fighter War Machine, who beat her up for sharing a bed with her friend Corey Thomas. 24 year old Mack suffered fromseveral broken bones, a broken nose, few missing teeth and a fractured rib. War Machine is currently under police custody.

  1. Sabina Kelley


The vintage, blonde bombshell is a recognised international star and she wants to keep her status intact. She features in the show Best Ink as a judge and has become a favourite amongst many viewers. She has featured in dozens of magazine covers, major advertisement campaigns, TV shows, music videos, calendars, and more.Sabina Kelley has been very successful in the mainstream-modelling world because of her striking 5’10″ height, bright blonde hair and gorgeous features. Sabina is also a business woman, and mother, and she is capable of doing it all with style and elegance.

  1. Ruby Rose


Australian model, DJ,recording artist, television presenter,actress and former MTV VJ Ruby Rose became an instant sensation on MTV Australia. This was followed by several modelling gigs including Maybelline. During an interview on the Conan O’Brien Show, she attempted to count her tattoos and found out to be around sixty.Her tattoos include the words “Just Love” written on her knuckles, the word “Life” written in red and orange across her wrist, the character Leonardo from the TV show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles painted on her forearm, and the German words “Danke Schön” meaning“thank you” written across her elbow.At the age of 12 Rose was identified as a lesbian and it was also noticed that she has been sexually abused.  The 29 year old model has been planning on marrying her long-time girlfriend Phoebe Dahl in the coming year.

Special Mention

Here are few women who although not in the top 10 list need special mention.

Rachel Rampage, the lanky 5’11” Canadian from Vancouver.


Jemmy Showler, who owns her own tattoo studio in England.


Alysha Nett, the 27 year old Diesel model and Instragram sensation.


Kayla Baines, who has Buddha tattooed to her symbolizing peace.


Annasthesia Suicide, the red-haired from Florida and a fan of cosplay.


Lauren Fernandez, the British born model with extensive body ink on the back.


Lua Suicide, the 4’11” gamer girl and cosplay fan.


Angelica Anderson, who is a fitness model and has several videos on Youtube.


Dannika Daisy, Londoner and student of fashion design.

Roxy Lee Heart, the Denver-based alternative model and singer.


Celebrities with huge fan following try to get the attention of the fans and make sure to stick along them. Celebrities often find out new ways to stay in good reputation in front of their fans.One such way is to indulge their bodies as a bare canvas and get a tattoo.

From inspirational quotes to meaningful Chinese symbols, tattoo artists have all the cool ideas for their celebrity clients. Celebrities display their tattoos on social network and get significant positive and negative feedbacks from their fans. Not only that, they inspire fans to get the same design on them. To many celebrities, the meaning behind the tattoo matters the most. Tattoo is something that people should think of it as a lifelong partner because it’s permanent. It takes courage and pain to get a tattoo and hence it should carry a deep significant meaning.

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