Firstly Think About Process

Are you interested to making a new tattoo? If you’re new to tattooing, its not just a design on your body, so give yourself some more time to learn the process. There are many stage to making your tattoo attractive, so have knowledge how your body healed, how your skin takes ink. It does depend on you which kind of tattoo you like.

Know Your Body’s Limits to Tolerance


Firstly prepare your body to tolerance the pain. Nothing wrong with pushing yourself. Belive me, its like a little pinch. If you are ready to take that pinch, please try to ignore joints like elbow, back of knees, underarms, because your skin take longer to heal on that’s part. If you have any type of medical problem like allergies, skin disorders, firstly take an advice to your doctor if there are any special concerns you should have.

Choose accurate timing


To getting a new tattoo you should consider right timing. To save your new tattoo you should cover it by bandage but in summer day it will difficult for you. In spring & early autumn are the most practical to getting a new tattoo. If you will choose summer day, you should avoid to swim in swimming pull & in open bath tub & it’s require hot water to heals

Make sure what you want to design

Firstly prepare yourself about tattoo design. If you are feeling comfortable what kind of tattoo that you want. Choose it according shape & size because it will take same time for heal. Choose new tattoo design wisely it should appear attractive forever. For best result you can explain it to make a rough sketch of your tattoo. If you want to putting your girlfriend or boyfriend name on your body, it’s kind of risk, so try to avoid it. Find the accurate location on your body that you want to put it. You can design a tattoo anywhere on your body but try to save your face. If you want to design a tattoo on your face & you have some infection during that period it can damage your face, so make sure you are making your decision in the right mind because it will change your body for life

Find out the best artist


For your best tattoo, you should find best tattoo artist. Look around to find somewhere that really stylish, as you want. You should give a lot of time to find an artist because you’re changing your body for life. Don’t try to find a cheap artist,that’s not worth a decent investment. Your artist will suggest you that which tattoo are suitable for you. If you have some problem after design, they will help you. They will give you many tips to protect your tattoo. If you want to find the best artist, for it you should search their profile on internet & look their design file in the studio. Check the studio for license & check for any complaints about a particular studio. Before designing, fix the worth amount to your artist. Before agreement you should watch their equipment is sterilized in the autoclave.

Take your friend

You will feel relax with your friend. If you are feeling nerves, you are getting a new tattoo it’s really helpful to have a friend for talking. If you choose that part of body which can not seen by you, so he or she can help to informed you about the progress. You can ignore the pain or little pinch, if your friend can handle you by talking. May or may not your artist miss anything, he or she can remind to him.

Fix the amount before agreement


Make sure you’er feel to happy with their job & style. Before designing, ask how much it will cost, you will fix the amount & check the work. Transfer the money from account according your deal. You can suggest your artist what kind of tattoo that you want, for help, you should leave a rough sketch with them, so they can improve the tattoo & make it unique only for you.

Buy a care cream in advance

After your commitment with your artist, you should check up their work, what the facilities he provide to make a tattoo. You should buy a care cream in advance from a pharmacy. Use bepanthen+ it will keep your fresh tattoo. Apply it at least twice a day for several weeks. Its very useful to stop spurting blood.

Pay attention to choose the area on your body

Pay attention to choose the location where you want to design the tattoo. Confirm before designing, that area will fit to design according the shape of tattoo. Your artist will shave the portion where you are getting a new tattoo. You should avoid shaving the portion yourself, because it will have damaged the area by your untrained hands, so always keep in your mind you should have patience & let the professional handle it.

To protect it, always keep in your mind some more tips for future


You are getting a new tattoo it will appear just like an open injury, so follow all of the suggestions of your artist for caring of your tattoo & make sure it heals properly. If you have any type of problem like, sign of infection, swelling, skin is not healing & you are feeling some more pain, you can contact to your doctor or call your artist.

  • You should cover the bandage or plastic wrap on the area for two hours.
  • Always keep in your mind you should avoid to swim in swimming pool & not to bath in bath tub.
  • Always you should use an antibacterial soap to wash the tattoo with your clean hands.
  • Avoid to wear tight fitting cloth on that area.
  • Direct sun light can fade your tattoo colour, even after its fully healed. So protect your tattoo from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid your body from physical work like, gym, dancing, self-defense class.
  • Try to wash it with hot water & avoid to wash with direct water pressure.
  • Avoid to rub that portion with dirty towel or some other dirty cloth.
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