Tattoo has become a style statement amongst both men and women. Tattoos generally represent self-expression and identity of a person. The meaning of a tattoo has a strong bearing towards the wearer.Tattooing is becoming a profitable business as tattoo artists are drawing celebrity clients to their shops. There are many clean and hygienic tattoo parlours that use sterilized tools to safely apply tattoo. This type of tattoo parlour is the best place to get a tattoo. Many tattooists are experienced, certified and have artistic skills who can ink the body with great perfection. Tattoos come in various size, shape, and colours. Tattoo designs for men are different than that for women.

Tattoos may be a permanent asset but getting a tattoo can be very uncomfortable and painful. No matter which part of the body is getting tattooed, it is going to hurt and sore at least initially. Certain areas of the body can hurt more than other areas. The areas where the bone is very close to the skin and have no muscle hurt more that the ones which are padded and meatier.  Nerves play an important role in transmitting the pain from the body to the human brain. Sensitive areas of the body have the largest concentrations of nerve endings and are very responsive to touch. When the needles from the tattoo machine constantly go over the thin layers of skin and come in contact with the bone repeatedly, the nerves send pain signals to the brain and we feel pain. The least painful areas of the body are thick-skinned with fat or muscle and far from bone and nerve endings.

Every person can handle different levels of pain with definite threshold. The threshold level is defined by the maximum intensity of pain that a person can tolerate. Depending on the individual pain threshold, some people can go numb after the needle repeatedly hits the bone.Good tattoo artist runs the best place to get a tattoo and are willing to spend time in talking about the pain at a particular location on the body.Some tattooists claim that although people are getting tattooed in the painful places they usually do fine. The actual enemy is their own fear. The pain is worth experiencing because the resulting masterpieces can be perfect tattoo designs for men and women. So, keeping all this in mind here is a look at top 15 painful places to get a tattoo.

  1. Hand


The hands are the worst place to get tattooed because of pain and wear. The knuckles and fingers are extremely bony, making them prone to tattoo pain. The knuckles have ligaments in them which hurt badly when tattooed. The tattoo is not inked deeply in between the fingers because of the thinness of the skin and can fade due to wear and friction.

  1. Feet


The feet are the most fun place to get a tattoo, but definitely not the best place to get a tattoo. The feet seem to be manageable at the beginning but as the session progresses they start hurting with terrible sores. The areas around the top of the feet get absolutely worse when extreme shading and colouring is done on the tattoo. Due to constant wear with footwear, the feet tattoos need re-touching upon fading.


  1. Elbow


The elbow can be a deadly place to get tattooed because of two reasons.First, the elbow basically consists of skin and bone without any cushion to take the vibration of the needles.Second, the ulnar nerve running over the inner elbow can cause pain or numbness when pinched. During the tattoo session, the elbow remains in an awkward position as the arm twists and bends. This makes the person feel uncomfortable and can result in swelling after the session ends.

  1. Knee


Just like the elbow, the knee is made up of a thin, flexible skin with very little muscles. The cartilage surfaces in the knee caps do not have any nerve endings but the neighbouring tissues and muscles do. These nerves are able to send pain signals to the brain. When the area is tattooed, discomfort arises from the needles hitting the bone and prickling the nerve endings in the most irritating way. It gets worse at the back of the knee where the sciatic nerve, which runs through the back of the leg up to the spine, is at its shortest distance from the skin.

  1. Inner Arm

Inner Arm tattoos

The inner arm of the body also has a thin layer of skin and plenty of nerves including two major nerves -the ulnar nerve and the median nerve.The nerves will react quickly to the sharp needles and sends pain signals to the brain. At times the arm feels the sensation of a scratching burn as it gets pounded by the needles to generate artistic tattoo designs for men and women.

  1. Armpit


The skin of the armpits is extremely responsive to any tickle because of the glands and the axillary nerve, which gathers and sends out sensory information. This is an important nerve of the body and the pain can get worse in the armpit when tattooed using the sharp needles of the tattoo machine.

  1. Chest


Tattoo designs for men are often applied on the chest. The chest has a large number of bones and the skin is thin. The vibrations of the tattoo needles are easily felt on the chest and tattooing on the sternum, or breastbone, is painful. Thesternum goes all the way down to the stomach and the painful vibrations of the needles from the chest extend downwards as well. The pectoral area in the upper chest is generally the best place to get a tattoo because it has strong muscles and therefore less painful. For women, the regions below and above the breasts can be aching because of the skinniness of the area and the presence of many nerve endings.

  1. Neck


The front of the neck has much less muscle, slight fat, and plenty of nerve endings, making it one of the most sensitive areas of the body to get a tattoo. The most easily broken bone of the body is the collar bone or clavicle. It is predominantly sensitive because of its proximity to the skin and the presence of many nerves from the cervical plexus.

  1. Head


The head is no doubt not the best place to get a tattoo. There is very little fat in the head which is also the home to twelve pairs of cranial nerves connecting to the brain. The vibration of the needles stabs the head repeatedly and this is definitely not going to a pleasant experience. Although many people believe that the skull is hard and can tolerate the pounding of the needle, this is not true as head tattooing can induce high amount of pain resulting in a headache.

  1. Ribs


The ribs are a highly sensitive area and ideal for displaying exotic tattoo designs for men. The skin around them is too thin to provide cushion against the fast-moving needles of the tattoo machine. The bones are spread out and the bony grooves are easily visible. The grazing of the needles on this area is absolutely unpleasant and irritating, especially if the tattoo requires outlining and shading. Another problem with this location is with breathing. Whenever we breathe, the ribcage expands and contracts and hence makes it difficult to tattoo. It is recommended to take breaks during rib sessions. The other drawback of this area is that it is covered by clothing, which irritates the skin by constantly rubbing against it and suppressing the healing process.

  1. Spine



The spine is exclusively comprised of bones and nerves that go down from the neck to the bum. Tattooing is incredibly painful on the spinal cord which is very close to the skin, but can be directly avoided by moving the machine little towards the left or right. The spine area displays some exquisite tattoo designs for men.

  1. Ankle


The ankle has nerves that control the balance and motion of the body but these nerves can transmit pain signals as well. Moreover, absence of fatty padding makes tattooing a very uncomfortable experience.

  1. Shin


The shin can be quite hurting when tattooed because of a combination of the bone’s proximity to the skin and the presence of many nerve endings.

  1. Groins & Genitals

The genitals are the most powerfully-sensitive parts of the body and not the best place to get a tattoo. There are packs of nerves in the penis and the clitoris that deliver blood, excite stimulation, and assist in the reproduction process. Even though the groin area is meatier relative to other areas, it is still painful to tattoo because the same set of genital nerves run down through the whole area.

  1. Shoulder blade

Shoulder blade tattoos

The shoulder blade is totally bony and has few nerves in it. If the tattoo needle hits the shoulder blade then the pain can be alarmingly high.

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